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15 Best Cities to Live in Michigan

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Cities to Live in Michigan: With picturesque views, thousands of miles of shoreline, wooded landscapes, more than 11,000 lakes, and many parks, Michigan lays claim to astounding natural beauty. Living in the state, you won’t find it hard to have an active lifestyle and all the modern amenities you need.

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From bustling big cities to quaint small towns, the Great Lake State offers it all.

Wondering which would be the perfect place to call home? 

Here are the perfect list of the Best Cities to live in Michigan:-

Dive in!

Ann Arbor 

Home to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is a bustling city offering a plethora of outdoor activities, stellar education, and plenty of entertainment options.

Ann Arbor 

You can lounge by the Huron river, enjoy a picnic at one of the numerous bountiful parks, stroll through its vibrant pedestrian-friendly downtown or attend some of the festivals held here regularly, the activities to do are endless.

Couple that with a robust economy, low crime rate, and a great culinary scene.

Although housing can be a little pricey here, the offerings make it worth every penny.


Situated halfway between Detroit & Ann Arbor, Novi is a perfect place if you wish to enjoy a suburban vibe with urban amenities.

It is one of the fastest growing places in the state, thanks to its excellent public schools, vibrant nightlife scene, plenty of employment opportunities, and parks.


Whether you’re relocating with family or are a young adult just starting out, Novi can be a great choice to settle down. The high-income levels more than make up for the slightly pricey housing here.

Grand Rapids & East Grand Rapids 

Love to be in the middle of all the action?

Go for this lively second-largest city in the state.

In close proximity to Lake Michigan and Grand Haven, this city has many special offerings when it comes to outdoor activities & entertainment.

Grand Rapids & East Grand Rapids 

From visiting magnificent art galleries, museums, and theatres to indulging in specialty food at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market and picnicking at Millennium Park, there is something here for everyone.

The crime rates, public schools, and housing vary by neighbourhood but its big city lifestyle with access to some great outdoor activities is a huge draw for people. 


If education is your topmost priority, head to Okemos. Located outside Lansing, Okemos is known for its top-notch school system.

There are also plenty of safe parks where kids can enjoy a fun, carefree outing.

Looking for some more adventure?

The suburb also has the Harris Nature Center with plenty of hiking trails.

There’s even a historical village with a fishing pond as well as a chapel that hosts weddings. How charming! Add affordable housing options & higher median household income & you get a great place to live. 

Grosse Point 

Wish to enjoy a suburban lifestyle and be a part of a tight-knit community?

Grosse Point may be a perfect option for you.

The area includes the city of Grosse Pointe along with towns such as the Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Shores, and Grosse Pointe Park.

Grosse Point 

Perched on the shores of Lake St. Clair, these towns have numerous lakefront parks, perfect for soaking in the natural beauty.

What’s more?

There are some top-rated schools here and a strong community vibe, which makes it a preferred choice for families & retirees alike. 


An affluent town, Troy boasts of exquisite homes, highly rated schools, world-class dining, and a plethora of entertainment options. The town has a low crime rate, a vibrant economy, and residents here enjoy a short commute.


If you’re a history buff, you’ll love the historic village area in this charming town which provides classes in woodcarving, blacksmithing, and log cabin cooking.

How intriguing is that! Although housing is slightly on the expensive side, if you have the budget, the amenities of this town make it one of the best places to live in Michigan.


Located in Oakland County, this suburb’s vibrant nightlife draws many young adults. As you walk the streets, you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants & bars, perfect for a lively evening.


It is also the oldest settlement in the county and is home to many historic buildings with antique architectural designs.

What’s more?

It features great schools and offers plenty of employment opportunities, making it the best place to live in Michigan for families looking to settle down. 

Traverse City 

Looking for a place in Northern Michigan?

Go to this beautiful beach town.

It strikes the perfect balance of economic development with small-town charm. From soaking up the sun at the beach, strolling in the woods, trying out restaurants at The Village, to skiing on Hickory Hills, this is a haven for adventure enthusiasts.

Cities to Live in Michigan
Traverse City 

There is a plethora of job opportunities here, especially in the recreation & healthcare industry. The western part of the town is considered safer than others so keep that in mind while looking for a perfect place. 


Want to enjoy the comfort of city life without the skyrocketing costs?

This may be the place for you.

The low cost of living in Midland along with low crime rates make it highly desirable to enjoy Michigan life on a budget.


It is located close to Bay City & Saginaw, providing seamless access to the big city entertainment scene as well as summertime beachside fun.

What’s more?

There are some great schools here to ensure the best education for your kids. 


Take in the fragrance of countless colourful tulips in this exquisite lakeside town. Visualise sandy beaches, charming bakeries, and a wooden windmill, that’s Holland.

If you’re looking to enjoy a small-town life with many outdoor activities, this is the perfect place.

Excellent schools, a robust economy, and a strong community vibe make this town one of the most sought-after places to live in the state.


What’s more?

Living here won’t break the bank. 


This suburb of Detroit has some excellent schools, a scenic Hilltop Golf Course, and posh boutiques. With Plymouth Riverside Park’s vast grounds, there is no dearth of outdoor activities in this lively place.


You can also enjoy the weekly farmers market to buy fresh produce or attend several events such as the Taste of Plymouth & Arts in the Park for a fun outing.

There are many concerts & community events in Downtown Plymouth held every year.

Great schools and a welcoming community coupled with affordable renting options make it one of the best suburbs to raise a family. 


Situated in the upper peninsula, Marquette offers amazing outdoor recreation options with a plethora of trails, waterways, and ski slopes. One of the most popular places is Presque Isle Park which features the Black Rock Cliffs.


Wish to enjoy the best of both worlds?

The downtown area offers all the city life amenities you’ll need.

Enjoy exploring various cafes, restaurants & shops in the historic downtown. Being home to Northern Michigan University, Marquette also has a major student population, leading to the development of a vibrant entertainment scene.

There are plenty of festivals & cultural events that take place here, making Marquette highly desirable to set down roots.  


This charming suburb features highly-rated schools, historic buildings with Victorian-era architecture, art galleries, rolling hills, and plenty of parks.

The town offers plenty of entertainment options with a lively downtown featuring theatres, specialty shops, and restaurants.

If you love the outdoors, you can enjoy swimming, fishing, biking, and other activities in well-kept city parks.


Its low crime rate & kid-friendly attractions make it a great choice to settle down & raise a family here.

Owing to so many offerings, the housing options can be expensive here but if you have the budget, you won’t regret choosing this beautiful town.


This suburb of Detroit is well-known for its classic car parade that runs through the city.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live with plenty of entertainment options, Berkeley might tick off the boxes on your checklist.


Featuring plenty of restaurants, shops, and clubs, the place offers many choices to spend a special evening out.

It also has several high-performing public schools, a low crime rate, and affordable housing options which draws many families to settle down in this beautiful suburb.


If you love the charm of ancient architecture, you’ll love the famous historic district of Farmington which is home to plenty of historic structures. Couple this with excellent schools, Victorian-style homes, and affordable living costs.


There is also no dearth of restaurants, cafes, and shops in this small but charming suburb.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder this beautiful suburb is considered one of the best places to live in Michigan. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to raise a family, settle down as a couple or buy your first house as a young professional, you can find it in Michigan.

So, pick the one that caters to your requirements and get ready to move into your new home. 

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Q. Where in Michigan is the best place to live when you have MS?

Detroit is home to the Wayne State Multiple Sclerosis Center, one of the largest MS clinics in North America. In terms of getting access to quality medical care, Detroit is the best place to live in Michigan. 

Q. What is the best place to live in Michigan for seniors?

Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Lansing are some of the best places to live in Michigan for seniors. 

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