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12 Best Places to Visit in Kingman, Arizona

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The closest city to the Grand Canyon, Kingman has a rich history that is aptly captured by its impressive museums.

Best Places to Visit in Kingman: The capital of Mohave County was developed in the 1800s with the arrival of the railways. During consecutive years, it became a significant centre for ranching and mining.

From strolling in its vibrant downtown area to hiking at Hualapai Mountain Park, there is something here for everyone.

Planning a vacation in this lively city?

Here are the list of the best places to visit in Kingman, Arizona for an unforgettable vacation.

Mohave Museum of History and Arts #1

Soak in some history as you explore the various exhibits of this impressive museum.

Explore the Hall of Presidents which features paintings of all the Presidents and First Ladies. There is a series of exhibits depicting the development of the area, especially due to the mining of gold, copper, and silver.

You’ll also find memorabilia from the famous actor Andy Devine who grew up in the city.

With one ticket, you can get access to the Mohave Museum, the Bonelli House as well as the Route 66 Museum for an immersive experience.

Locomotive Park #2

If you’re visiting with kids, this is a must-have on your itinerary. The park houses a huge coal-burning locomotive which was built in 1928 and used to run between Los Angeles and Kansas City.

Locomotive Park
Locomotive Park

It used to make a pit stop in Kingman for water for many years. Kids will love to climb up on this locomotive and learn all about its history.

The park is across the street from the Kingman Visitors Center. While you’re here, you can also see the trains go by on the main track nearby.

Hualapai National Park #3

Craving some outdoor adventure?

Head to Hualapai National Park which offers a beautiful contrast from the landscapes of the Mohave desert.

Hualapai National Park
Hualapai National Park

Hualapai means “People of the tall pines” and as per the name, the place abounds in pines as well as juniper.

From hiking on its various trails, and enjoying a family picnic to camping, there are plenty of outdoor activities to indulge in here.

What’s more?

There are also volleyball and softball courts here to enjoy a friendly game amidst such beautiful surroundings.

If you’re lucky, you may even spot some wildlife here, from raccoons to mule deer and more. With so much to offer, it is one of the best places to visit in Kingman.

Bonelli’s House #4

Step back in time as you enter this house-turned-museum which depicts the life of the wealthy Bonelli family who lived here in the early 1900s.

Bonelli’s House
Bonelli’s House

There were numerous generations of the family who lived here until the 1970s after which it was donated to the city. Stroll around the house to see vintage furnishings along with the technology of the time.

Check out the coal-fired heater and the outhouse which was used to pump water from the well.

You can take a 30-minute guided tour to soak in the rich history of this beautiful residence. Check the tour timings in advance before you go.

Kingman Railroad Museum #5

This is another great place to learn about the rich history of the railroad of this former depot town.

Kingman Railroad Museum
Kingman Railroad Museum

Located within a vintage train depot from 1906, this museum houses a large model railroad with different types of trains along with many other historical exhibits.

How intriguing!

It also shares the property with the Amtrak train waiting room so you can enjoy watching modern trains go by as you stroll through the museum.

Lake Mohave #6

Want to enjoy some tranquillity amidst nature? Head to Lake Mohave, a man-made lake that stretches between Hoover and Davis Damas.

You’ll feel like you’ve found an oasis in a desert. Lounge around the lakeside or go water-skiing and kayaking on the serene waters.

Lake Mohave
Lake Mohave

You can also hike around the area or take a boat tour up to the Colorado river from the north end of the lake for a fun outing. If you love to fish, the lake abounds with native species as well as sports fish.

Historic Route 66 Museum #7

Learn about the history of the famous road as well as the region as you explore the impressive exhibits in this museum.

12 Best Places to Visit in Kingman, Arizona
Historic Route 66 Museum

Witness beautiful murals and photographs as you get to know more about the routes used by native Americans and the US army expedition.

You can also learn about the migrants who came here in search of a better life. Opened in 2001, this makes for a great outing.

Cella Winery #8

Started by Carlos Cella in 2007, this winery is a perfect place to unwind as you sip on some delicious wines.

Cella Winery
Cella Winery

There are four different types of grapes sown here including Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah.

It produced its first wines in 2010 and won numerous awards within just a few years of its opening. Experience the taste for yourself.

Black Bridge Brewery #9

Want to get a sneak peek of the hip social scene as you enjoy craft beers?

Head to this popular Black Bridge Brewery, which has been the go-to spot for youngsters to party since the 60s.

Black Bridge Brewery
Black Bridge Brewery

Owned by Tim Schritter whose brew got quite popular amongst locals, this brewery welcomes visitors to enjoy brews, or coffee while they vibe to the music.

 Metcalfe Park #10

Feel the exuberance of the city at this historic downtown park. It features barbeque grills, picnic tables, and plenty of covered areas, perfect for a fun family outing.

Metcalfe Park
Metcalfe Park

There are numerous festivals held here such as Mohave Pride Fest, Kingman Concerts in the Park, and more. Bring a lawn chair and a blanket as you enjoy your favourite event.

Make sure you check the schedule before you go. There’s also a monument dedicated to Charles Metcalfe, a local entrepreneur & politician.

If you’re visiting with kids, there’s a children’s play area with rock climbing walls and more. 

 Alpacas of the Southwest #11

How about seeing the snowy white Alpacas?

Head to this ranch located 15 miles from downtown.

You can pet and feed the gentle creatures who are a delight to be around. You can even buy socks made of Alpaca fleece which are warmer than those made with sheep’s wool.

Alpacas of the Southwest
Alpacas of the Southwest

The ranch is open on four days, from Friday to Monday from 10: 15 AM to 3:30 PM.

 Kingman Visitor Centre #12

Inside the city’s vintage 1908 power plant powerhouse building, this visitor center & museum is perfect to get all the information you need to explore the area and soak in the history of the place at the same time.

Kingman Visitor Centre
Kingman Visitor Centre

The former plant used to be the largest in the western US at that time.

From smaller exhibits to full-size automobiles, the museum offers a fun learning experience for kids and adults alike.

What’s more?

You can get information regarding tours, attractions, camping, and events from the visitor center to make the most of your stay.

So, get your itineraries finalised and head to this charming city for an unforgettable vacation.

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Q. Is Kingman worth visiting?

With the historic Route 66, impressive museums, and a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy, Kingman is well worth a visit. 

Q. What’s special about Kingman Arizona?

It is known to be the heart of the historic Route 66 and has a rich railroad history. It has various historical landmarks and many impressive museums.

Q. What is the coldest month in Kingman?

The coldest month in Kingman is December with an average low temperature of 33°F.

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