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11 Top-Rated Hot Springs in California

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Top-Rated Hot Springs in California: From pristine beaches to impressive national parks and spectacular mountains, the Golden State boasts diverse natural attractions. One of them is natural hot springs.

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Located in various places across the state, these hot springs draw many to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul in their healing mineral waters. 

Top-Rated Hot Springs in California

From relaxing in raw natural springs to enjoying a lavish experience at a five-star resort’s own spring, there is a variety of options to choose from. 

Wondering where to begin?

Let’s help you narrow down your choices with our list of the 11 top-rated hot springs in California: –  

Wilbur Hot Springs #1

Let your stress melt away in the potent waters of Wilbur Hot Springs. A short drive away from Sacramento, this historic resort was opened in the late 19th century.

You can enjoy a dip into three flumes located inside a silent open-air Fluminarium.

Top-Rated Hot Springs in California

Some of these Japanese-style onsen structures are clothing optional. There’s also an outdoor mineral pool where you can converse in low tones.

You’ll also find a dry sauna here and a geyser that visitors can view.

What’s more?

You can participate in yoga classes, enjoy massages, get healing treatments, attend foodie events, and more.

Seeking some adventure?

Go hiking or biking in the 1,800-acre nature preserve.  Since no mobile phones are allowed in the resort, you can fully relax during your experience. 

Beverly Hot Springs #2

How about enjoying a relaxing spring bath in the heart of the bustling city of Los Angeles?

Beverly Hot Springs is located between Downtown LA and Beverly Hills. Dip into the soothing waters of this spring, rich in sodium bicarbonate and pleasantly warm between 35-41 degrees Celsius.

The spa built on top of the spring opened in the 1980s. You’ll find a natural hot springs pool, a steam room, a cold plunge pool, and a dry sauna.

There are designated areas for men and women in the pools, steam room, and sauna. Clothing is optional in these areas.

Feel like pampering yourself a bit more?

Choose from their range of relaxing massages.

Esalen Hot Springs #3

Rejuvenate yourself with a relaxing spring bath at one of the most spectacular properties along the state’s coast.

Perched on a cliffside in Big Sur, the resort offers easy access to its numerous baths fed by the Esalen Hot Springs.

The hot spring waters are rich in minerals and were used by Native American people for their healing effects.

You can soak in various baths of the lodge, located downhill from the property. There’s a large bath and an outdoor massage deck on the first level.

Looking for an indoor bath?

The lower levels feature many indoor and outdoor baths. There are also private clawfoot tubs here.

What’s more?

You can enjoy a clothing-optional retreat here and also attend meditation workshops. 

Vichy Springs Resort #4

A short drive away from San Francisco lies this historic resort. Feel the warmth of serenity take over your senses as you soak in the resort’s naturally carbonated mineral baths, which are unique in North America.

Top-Rated Hot Springs in California

It features 14 mineral baths, four of which are outdoors and ten indoors. You’ll also find a spring-fed swimming pool and a seasonal non-heated Olympic size swimming pool.

Looking for a cold bath?

Go on a short hike through the lush area to reach a waterfall with a natural cold plunge pool.

You can also explore the vast 700-acre reserve through the numerous trails that go through it.

After a long day of exploration, pamper yourself at their spa with a massage. 

Wild Willy’s #5

Seeking an adventure amidst nature?

Head up to Wild Willy’s, one of the most popular hot springs in the Mammoth Lakes region. It is completely free to use but you can expect it to be crowded.

Nevertheless, it’s worth waiting for your turn to soak in its refreshing warm waters. There are two human made-pools where the water comes in.

One of them resembles the shape of a human heart. The remote location adds to its charm. Just make sure you bring a towel and don’t leave any trash here.

There’s a parking lot nearby where you can park your car and then walk to the hot springs. 

Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs #6

Enjoy an unforgettable getaway at this charming resort in Calistoga which was first opened in 1952.

It was founded by Edy and John “Doc” Wilkinson and became well-known for its mineral pools and mud baths.

Sold in 2019, it got renovated recently. You’ll get a retro vibe in the property that features vintage cars, colourful murals, and clean furnishings.

It houses three mineral hot spring pools that draw many people from across the country for a relaxing trip here.

Staying here means indulging yourself in a lavish experience.

Orr Hot Springs Resort #7

Feel one with nature at this small but charming property in Ukiah. It features a lodge and some cabins that were built with local redwood in the early 20th century.

Top-Rated Hot Springs in California

You can bathe in two communal pools here with naturally heated waters of around 104 Fahrenheit.

Love the idea of stargazing while soaking in a warm tub?

The resort has seven private Victorian porcelain tubs, out of which two are rooftop tubs.

What’s more?

You can also camp here. Whether you book your day or overnight visit, this charming property won’t disappoint.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs #8

A two-hour drive from Los Angeles, Glen Ivy Hot Springs Resort features 19 pools. Many of these are fed by a 104-degree geothermal spring rich in sulphur. 

These also include hot and cold plunge pools, a saline pool, and a lap pool where Aquafit and Aqua Zumba classes are held.

Couple that with indoor Roman bath pools, a water park, a full-service spa, four dining venues, and private cabanas.

You can also go for spa treatments such as hydrating body painting in the subterranean grotto and red clay mud baths. There is something here for every taste.

Indian Springs #9

Located in Calistoga, this lavish resort is nestled on natural geysers that feed its pools.

The beautiful property features towering palm trees and comes with a host of attractive offerings.

It features an Olympic size-mineral pool as well an adults-only pool. There’s also a spa on-site with a range of massages and body treatments to choose from.

One of the most popular is their mud baths drawn from volcanic ash which is rich in nutrients.

Top-Rated Hot Springs in California

Sip on your favourite drink at Sam’s Social Club after a relaxing day here.

The accommodations don’t fail to impress either as you’ll find Mission Revival-style bungalows on this stunning property. 

River Oaks Hot Springs Spa #10

Nestled amidst Paso Robles’ rolling vineyards and oaks, this resort offers a serene escape into lush natural surroundings.

Soak in the resort’s semi-private sauna-style tubs as you take in mesmerising views of your scenic environs.

What’s more?

You can indulge in a wine-tasting experience as you relax in the tub.

Want to pamper yourself a bit more?

Choose from their range of body treatments. From massages to facials, they offer something for everyone. 

The Spring Resort & Spa #11

Whether you’re looking for a day outing or an overnight stay, this hot spring resort is sure to delight you.

This beautiful property overlooks Palm Springs, offering incredible views of snow-capped mountain peaks.

Top-Rated Hot Springs in California

It features a large swimming pool heated to 88 degrees. There’s also a tranquil gazebo to relax in.

Choose from a variety of body treatments to make your experience more relaxed. You can also enjoy sound baths here.

What’s more?

If you choose to spend the night, you can lounge in rooms that feature private outdoor decks with a fire pit and a spring-fed tub. 

So, pick the one that ticks off all the boxes on your checklist and get ready for a refreshing break. 

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Q. Where are hot springs in California?

Hot springs can be found in various areas of the state. One of the most notable cities that features plenty of them is Desert Hot Springs, also known as Spa City. It’s the only city in the world with both hot and cold mineral spring aquifers.

Q. Are there natural hot springs in California hot springs?

There are numerous natural hot springs in the state with the most notable being Wilbur Hot Springs, Williams. These were used by Native Americans thousands of years ago.

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