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10 Tips for planning an Epic Christmas Vacation

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Tis’ the time for a merry vacation! 

The most awaited time of the year is here. With dazzling Christmas trees, bustling markets, ‘Meet the Santa’ activities and the melodies of jingles all around, the spirit of Christmas can be seen everywhere. While the Christmas cheer is here, it is also a busy time, when you may find yourself juggling multiple tasks.

From shopping for gifts for your loved ones, getting the perfect tree decked up, or gearing up for a special Christmas family dinner, there seems to be an endless list of things to do. On top of that, if you’re planning to go on a Christmas vacation with your family, it requires immaculate planning. 

From choosing the right destination to getting everyone on board and making bookings, there’s a plethora of activities involved for a picture-perfect holiday. 

Wondering how to plan a Christmas vacation?

We’ve got you covered with our tips to plan a memorable Christmas vacation. 

10 Tips for planning an Epic Christmas Vacation

Choose a destination #1

Want to enjoy a majestic Christmas with decorated markets, snow-capped trees, and lively streets? Head to the traditional Christmas markets of Europe.

There are enchanting Christmas markets in Germany in locations such as Dresden, Cologne, Nuremberg, and Berlin. France, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic also feature some of the most beautiful Christmas markets offering a plethora of activities. 

10 Tips for planning an Epic Christmas Vacation

If you’d rather opt for some beachside fun in the winter sun, you can head to Australia, Hawaii, and Thailand. Choose whichever speaks to your idea of a grand Christmas. 

Start planning ahead #2

While most people wait till the end to book their vacation, it’s better to get a head start.  Once you have the location finalised, you can browse through hotels and flights and shortlist the options that suit you the best. 

Start planning ahead

Have a budget #3

Creating a budget will help you have a spending limit. Analyse your past budget for gifting, decor, and other Christmas season expenses. See if you can deduct from some categories and add to your vacation budget. You can also consider using some decorations you have from last year’s celebration. Set your priorities in order and have a specific budget for each one of them to have a guilt-free Christmas Vacation. 

Have a budget

Find out about special events #4 

Is there a special Christmas concert happening in your desired destination? Is there an annual Christmas Carnival there? Be on the lookout for special events so that you can make the most of your festive vacation by booking in advance. 

Find out about special events

Start saving #5

To make your Christmas dream holiday a reality, it is important to start saving early. Once you have your budget jotted down, you’ll have an idea of the amount you’ll need for Christmas. You can cut down on some of your monthly expenses and save that money for your December plan.

Start saving


Buy Christmas gifts in July Sales #6

If you don’t want to splurge on Christmas gifting, a great hack is to start buying early. There are great discounts during Black Friday Sales that you can leverage. You can even get them wrapped so that when December arrives, you’ll have ample time on your hands to prep for your vacation without worrying about the gifts. 

Buy Christmas gifts in July Sales

Book early #7

The best hotels and flights get booked quickly around Christmas time. To get the best deals and avoid missing out on your preferred accommodation, it is best to book months in advance. Lock in your Christmas plans so that you don’t have to deal with any last-minute hassles. 

Book early

Make a packing list #8

You don’t want to forget special Christmas gifts and stockings that you bought for Christmas eve. Make a list of everything that you’ll need, from clothes, and presents to even some wrapping paper for last-minute gifting. You can even carry some entertainment options like puzzles or games to enjoy some quality family time together. 

Make a packing list

Take the weather into account #9

The December weather can get quite harsh and chilly if you’re planning to travel to snowy areas. Keep an eye on forecasts to choose the safest means of travel. If you’re taking a road trip, check the car’s tyre pressure, oil, and heater. Make sure everything is working efficiently. Also, don’t forget to carry some extra warm clothes to enjoy your snowy white Christmas. 

Take the weather into account

Sit back & enjoy quality family time #10

With all the planning you’ve been doing, it’s finally time to relax and create special memories with your family this Christmas. Ultimately, Christmas is all about sharing love and joy with your family. So, don’t sweat the small stuff. Just sip on some hot cocoa and watch the faces of your loved ones light up with happiness as you spend a magical Christmas together. 

Sit back & enjoy quality family time

So, get your festive vibes on and make way for an incredible experience!

Stay tuned for more such tips for your next getaway.


What is the cheapest place to travel during Christmas?

Thailand, Bali, and Prague are some of the cheapest places to travel during Christmas. 

When should you start planning for Christmas?

You should begin planning as early as 4-6 months for a seamless Christmas vacation.

What is the best place to vacation for Christmas?

Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia are some of the best places to go for a Christmas vacation.

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