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10 Best Cities to Live in Washington for the Budget Conscious

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Washington state is one of the most naturally beautiful places in North America.

Best Cheapest Cities to Live in Washington: From their snow capped volcanic mountains, thousands of square miles of pristine forests, the many white water rivers flowing through the valleys, to the rolling hills and farmland in the east, there really is no other place quite like it.

Washington offers amazing economic and career opportunities as well.

The Seattle area is famously home to tech behemoths Amazon and Microsoft, as well as retail giant Costco.

Not only that, but no article of Washington would be complete without mentioning their love of their very own homegrown coffee brand Starbucks.

With its natural beauty and all of the world class business activity, Washington is not without its challenges.

Seattle, like many of the large cities on the west coast, has seen real estate and cost of living prices skyrocket during the past decade.

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The pandemic only exacerbated the problem, and unfortunately, gentrification has forced many long time residents from their hometowns and made it unaffordable to newcomers.

Best Cities to Live in Washington

 While Seattle and much of the surrounding area are quite expensive, there still are many wonderful areas in this beautiful state where people can set down roots, buy a home, and enjoy this amazing place.

Here are list of ten Best Cities to Live in Washington :

Walla Walla #1

Walla Walla is well to the east, away from the coast and not far from the Oregon border. This city of about 33,000 has its roots in the gold rush of the mid nineteenth century and today is an agricultural hub.

Walla Walla

Known as “Garden City”, the surrounding area produces some of the best and most apples, onions, peas, and even wine grapes in the country.

For those seeking a slower pace of life than Seattle offers, this would be a great place to live.

Olympia #2

Olympia is the state capital located at the southern end of the Puget Sound.

The city is known for its beautiful park system and has become an unofficial hub for bird watching enthusiasts worldwide to visit to see its over 200 species of songbirds that call the area home.


The State of Washington is the largest employer in the state, giving the local economy an almost recession proof backdrop for its many small business owners.

Spokane #3

If Seattle is not quite your style, Spokane is about as far away as you can get both geographically and culturally.

This city to the east, close to the state’s border with Idaho, is known not for Big Tech but for its rich history of Native American art and culture.


Once a trading post in the days of the Wild West, today, this city is one of the best places to raise a family and still has median home prices below the national average.

Kirkland #4

Kirkland is most associated with the Costco brand, but this city has a lot more going for it.

Home prices in Kirkland have fallen 20% in the last year after being one of the places where people migrated to during the Work From Home trend at the height of the pandemic.


There are still many affordable neighborhoods in and around the city offering a high quality of life at affordable prices.

Redmond #5

While Redmond is home to Microsoft headquarters and does have one of the highest median home prices on the west coast, that is because there are a few outlier neighborhoods with astronomically expensive homes.


The downtown area is still quaint and offers a small town feel with affordable home prices, many parks, great schools, and of course, plenty of Washington’s gourmet signature coffee shops.

Issaquah #6

Issaquah is home to Costco’s official headquarters, and while it does have a relatively high median home price, there are still many affordable neighborhoods in the area.


Median home prices have also fallen in the past year as the market cooled post pandemic.

When you look closely at the data, this beautiful city has many high paying jobs and still a good supply of affordable homes.

Bellingham #7

This coastal city near the Canadian border is perennially listed as one of the best places to live anywhere on the west coast.


Offering an abundance of cool bars and restaurants and only a short drive from some of the best snow capped ski resorts in the world, this city is an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Not only that, but cheap housing is abundant throughout the city.

The only drawback is the notable lack of sunshine, but as long as you take a good vitamin D supplement, there’s not much to dislike about Bellingham.

Yakima #8

About 60 miles southeast of Mount Rainier is this city of about 100,000 residents.


The local economy is fueled mostly by agriculture, and the surrounding area boasts some of the best apple, peach, pear, melon, and cherry orchards and crops worldwide.

Also of note is its thriving corn, bean, and hops production.

If you want affordable housing and enjoy farmer’s markets, breweries, wineries, and the outdoors in general, Yakima is a great place to live.

Bellevue #9

Bellevue is close enough to Seattle to reap many of its benefits yet still far enough away where real estate prices are still at a reasonable level.


Separated from Seattle by Lake Washington, Bellevue is best known for its thriving arts scene.

Its namesake art museum and annual Festival of the Arts draw thousands of visitors annually.

With home prices substantially lower than in Seattle and most of the other suburbs, this is a great place to live for those who don’t need to commute to the big city daily, as driving around the lake would be too inconvenient for most.

Kennewick #10

Kennewick is another big city with a small town feel and is located at the confluence of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers.


Mostly known for the discovery of its Kennewick Man, the fossilized remains of one of the earliest humans thought to have made it to North America, this city has a lot more going for it, such as a thriving economy, cheap housing, and low crime rates.

So there you have it.

You can still enjoy the natural beauty and cultural richness, not to mention their signature amazing coffee, without spending an arm and a leg on housing and necessities.

All of these cities offer the best of Washington at a still affordable price.

While Seattle and many of its suburbs have priced out many long time residents, these ten cities are still amazing places to live at a reasonable cost of living.

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