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10 Amazing California Family Vacations That Will Wow Your Kids

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Amazing California Family Vacations That Will Wow Your Kids:California is much more than just the beaches, especially when it comes to fun-filled family vacations.

Today, we will share a list of the best California family vacations destinations to wow your kids, and of course, once the kids are happy, we, as parents, can have a gala time as well. 

Dive in the list of Amazing California Family Vacations

1. Disneyland, Anaheim

What better place to entertain your kids than Disneyland?

With rides like The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the only New Orleans Square attraction in existence, this Disneyland offers something unique.

Disneyland & Anaheim-min
Amazing California Family Vacations

Despite being over 100 years old, it is in perfect condition and offers over 60 rides.

Adventure Park, which is part of Disneyland, offers many unique attractions like Avengers Campus, Pixar Pier, and Cars Land.

The 3 hotels on the property make the entire stay comfortable for kids and parents alike.

While the name Disneyland itself can excite kids, this one offers unique attractions, making it different from other Disneylands nationwide.

2. Joshua Tree National Park

Want to stay in the lap of nature?

If yes, Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect spot to vacation with your kids. Your kids will have plenty to do with activities like:

  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hidden Valley Adventure Scavenger Hunt
  • Private guided tour

With giant boulders strewn around the park, kids will enjoy climbing on top and exploring the wilderness through the desert terrain.

Amazing California Family Vacations
Amazing California Family Vacations

As for accommodation options, you can choose between Airbnbs, Campgrounds, glamping sites, and even hotels. It’s the perfect way to explore nature with your kids.

3. Huntington Beach

How about a coastline of 10 miles & area of 121 acres to explore?

Amazing California Family Vacations
Image source: Facebook

That is Huntington Beach for you. As for the kids, apart from building sand castles on the shoreline, they can:

  • Take surfing lessons
  • Explore Playgrounds and parks nearby
  • Utilize any of the free 500 firepits at night with their parents
  • Cycle along
  • Enjoy at the Off the Wall Social Arcade

Along with these attractions, there are 5 beaches to explore.

Couple it with numerous resorts and budget accommodation options; it is a vacation destination that fits within your budget. So there is plenty to do for adults and kids alike.

4. Sequoia National Park

Most of us parents and kids alike, associate Sequoia National Park with the world’s largest tree, but it offers much more.

Some attractions include:

  • Giant Forest Museum
  • Crystal Cave
  • Driving through tunnel log
  • Tunnel rock
Image source: Facebook

Apart from these, there are numerous trails which can be transversed together like:

  • Big Trees Trail
  • Moro rock
  • Congress Loop Trail

It is the perfect vacation spot to keep your kids engaged and strengthen your bond with them by spending some time amidst nature.

5. Yosemite National Park

We can already hear you say, another National Park?

Well, trust us, this one offers something different. The list includes:

  • Sheer cliffs
  • Waterfalls
  • Alpine Meadows
  • River Valley
  • Granite domes

Such scenic beauty can certainly take your kids by surprise.

Image source: Facebook

Apart from the scenic beauty, some things to do in Yosemite National Park with kids include:

  • Complete the Yosemite Jr. Ranger Course
  • Enjoy campfire and marshmallows
  • Explore wildlife
  • Enjoy some delicious ice cream in Half Dome Village
  • Ice skating at Cliff of Half Dome
  • Soaking in the Yosemite Falls

Whether you want to explore natural attractions or man-made ones, Yosemite National Park has a lot to offer to amaze your kids.

6. Palm Springs

This resort town is often associated with couples. But what if we told you it has plenty to do for kids & families?

Some such attractions include:

  • Children’s Discovery Museum
  • Living Desert Zoo & Gardens
  • Cabazon Dinosaurs
  • Palm Springs Air Museum
  • Get Air Trampoline Park

Besides these, when in Palm Springs, choose a resort with a big pool, and you are likely to get some activities for kids in the resort itself as well.

Thus, your kids can enjoy inside and outside the resort in Palm Springs, if you plan your trip right.

7. Legoland

60+ kids rides, Sea Life Aquarium, a water park, plus seasonal events, that’s what Legoland offers.

With at least 4 resorts and hotels in and around Legoland, accommodation options aren’t in short supply either.

legoland dubai 5 Places to Visit in Dubai

While most of Legoland is designed for kids, the water park and the resorts can also keep the adults comfortable.

Nearby, Carlsbad also offers a Museum of Making Music, go-kart track, a skate park, and some water sports options.

Thus, when heading to Legoland, your kids will be spoilt for choice.

8. Death Valley National Park

The natural beauty of this place is enough to amaze your kids. Natural formations coupled with various landscapes certainly make it worth visiting.

Image source: Facebook

Not to speak of the fact that you will be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Activities you can take part in with kids include Hiking the Mosaic Canyon, driving through Artists Drive, Stargazing at night, encouraging children to participate in the Death Valley Junior Ranger Program, exploring numerous ghost towns and abandoned mines, and checking out the mysteriously moving rocks.

It’s hard to find a combination of such fun-filled activities at any other location in California. 

9. Big Sur

Big Sur is the place to visit for its natural beauty and shoreline. It is home to numerous natural attractions like:

  • Dollar Beach
  • McWay Falls
  • Spot Monarch & other butterflies at Molera State Park
  • Purple sand beach (Pfeiffer Beach)
  • Sea Lions at Piedras Blancas

Among the man-made attractions that can engage kids, a few options are:

  • Bixby bridge
  • Hawthorne Art Gallery
  • Hearst Castle

Couple all this with multiple accommodation options like camping sites, family hotels, and vacation rentals, and you can indeed have a great time in Big Sur.

10. Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a one-hour ferry ride away from mainland California.

Image source: Facebook

However, it is well worth it because of the numerous attractions it offers, especially for children, like:

  • Zipline
  • Climbing walls
  • Glass boat tours
  • Submarine rides
  • Parasailing
  • Fly fishing
  • Wildlife tour
  • Miniature golf
  • Hiking
  • Three Palms Arcade

Of course, there are the beaches and the beautiful coastline. We are sure you don’t need more reasons to visit Catalina Island.


When it comes to California family vacations, you cannot go wrong with any destination from this list.

These destinations have plenty of activities for the kids and can keep the adults occupied. Thus, these are win-win destinations for adults and kids.


Where is a good place for a family vacation in California?

Southern California is a good place for a family vacation as it consists of Huntington Beach, Catalina Island, San Diego, Disneyland, Legoland, and much more.

How do I plan a trip to California with kids?

When planning a trip to California, always dress in layers, keep the beach gear handy, do not miss the theme parks, book the accommodation options in advance, and bring in lots of sunscreen.

Is California a good place to vacation right now?

The best time to visit California is in April, during the spring season. Apart from that, the fall months of September and October are a great time to visit as well. In general, it is a safe place.

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