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09 Best Mountains in Texas to visit in 2023

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Best Mountains in Texas: While Texas usually brings to mind visuals of cowboys riding in a desert landscape, the state is also home to many picturesque mountains that add to its natural beauty.

There are more than 40 mountain ranges in Texas, offering endless activities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, mountain biking, and camping. 

From the towering Guadalupe Mountains, and the jagged Chisos Mountains to the sprawling Davis Mountains, there are different kinds of mountains in the Lone Star State.

Planning to go for a mountainside adventure?

Dive into our list of the Best mountains in Texas: –

Guadalupe Peak #1

Guadalupe Mountains is one of the most famous mountain ranges in the state. These mountains constitute fossilized coral reefs that rise from the Chihuahuan Desert floor. Perched at an elevation of 8,751 ft., Guadalupe Peak is the highest spot in the state.

Numerous hiking trails go to the top, drawing many hikers here. There’s a steel monument at the top and conifer trees all around.

As you reach the summit, you’ll also be rewarded with stunning vistas of rolling Salt Basin Dunes in the distance.

Best Mountains in Texas
Best Mountains in Texas, Image source:- Facebook

Keep your eyes peeled for animals such as gray foxes, lizards, black bears, and mountain lions. You can also bring your binoculars along since there are more than 280 bird species in the area. 

Mescalero Mountain #2

Part of the Davis Mountain range, Mescalero Mountain is known for being rich in wildlife. With an elevation of 5,000 feet, the mountain is home to many natural habitats called “ecological islands”.

Best Mountains in Texas, Image source:- Facebook

It stands over the Chihuahuan desert and thus has an abundance of biodiversity that is unique to it. 

The mountain features three summits: Arrowhead, Apache Peak, and Point. These are all owned by the Nature Conservancy and therefore, environmental protection is of utmost importance here.

Make sure you check the timings before going since it opens only for certain days during the year. 

Hunter Peak #3

Looking for a tranquil vibe amidst lush pine trees?

Go for Hunter Peak.

It’s part of the Guadalupe Mountains and features numerous loop trails, drawing adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Best Mountains in Texas
image source:- Facebook

While there’s a sprawling desert on its south side, the peak’s north side is rugged and has rich vegetation.

From the sounds of hummingbirds to badger sightings, there are many delightful experiences to be expected on your hike.

El Capitan #4

This picturesque peak is a part of the Guadalupe Mountains and is at an elevation of 305 feet. Hikers will find stunning vistas of the Texas desert below.

image source:- Facebook

The view at sunset is surreal as the horizon is filled with beautiful hues of red and orange. 

But unlike many other peaks on the list, there is no direct trail that leads to the summit.

You’ll have to hike Guadalupe Mountain and bushwhack to the meeting point of Guadalupe and El Capitan, and then make your way to the top. 

Palo Pinto Mountains #5

Nestled in Palo Pinto Country, these mountains seem straight out of a postcard. There are plenty of juniper trees around which is why the mountains are named Palo Pinto which means “painted stick”.

Sprawled over 4,800 acres, these mountains are around 15 miles long. They constitute numerous cuesta-type of hills.

Best Mountains in Texas, Image source:- Facebook

The Palo Pinto Mountains State Park is being developed and will offer a plethora of outdoor recreational activities here including camping.

What’s more?

The area abounds with plants such as live oaks, creeks, and elms amongst others. These are one of the most beautiful mountains in Texas.

Anthony’s Nose #6

Part of the Franklin Mountain range, Anthony’s Nose is an intriguing destination. The mountain is aptly named since it resembles the shape of a nose. It has an elevation of 6,900 feet.

Best Mountains in Texas, Image source:- Facebook

Since there is no direct trail here, it offers a challenging hike, that draws many adrenaline junkies here.

Navigating its rugged terrain with plenty of prickly pear plants requires extra effort and skill but hikers are rewarded with stunning views of the Hudson River and the famous Bear Mountain Bridge. 

Goat Mountain #7

Part of the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park, Goat Mountain has an interesting history. In ancient times, this river valley overflowed with lava.

As a result, plenty of unique minerals were left behind and contributed to the formation of the mountain. There are two summits here, both of which are at an elevation of over 4,000 feet. 

image source:- Facebook

If you’re looking for a tranquil vibe, this place won’t disappoint. Since there are no proper trails here, you’ll have to bushwalk. But the view at the end is worth it.

You’ll also be able to explore various minerals along the way, which makes it a truly special experience. 

Eagle Peak #8

Part of the Eagle Mountains, Eagle Peak is at an elevation of 7,484 feet. Although it’s at a great height, the hike is easy as you just have to follow a dirt road to the summit.

Image source:- Facebook

Since the peak is on private property, you’ll have to take permission for accessing it.

You won’t find a lot of people here since it takes a long drive on the backcountry dirt roads.

But if that doesn’t deter you, this hike will reward you with mesmerizing views and pristine natural surroundings. 

Fresno Peak #9

If you’re an experienced hiker looking for an adrenaline-pumping challenge, head to Fresno Peak.

Located in Big Bend Ranch State Park, the peak has no designated trails but plenty of hiking routes.

Since it’s in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert, you’ll have to start walking way before as the nearest road is 15 miles away.

Owing to such conditions and its difficult terrain, it’s only recommended for experienced hikers. The area abounds with flora and fauna and is ideal for camping too. 

So, start with the one that attracts you the most and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Lone Star State.

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Q. What is the most mountainous place in Texas?

Guadalupe Peak in West Texas is the highest peak in Texas, with an elevation of 8,604 feet. 

Q. What are the 4 mountains in Texas?

The four highest peaks of the state lie in the Guadalupe Mountains of West Texas. These include Guadalupe Peak, Bush Mountain, and Shumard and Bartlett peaks that form a curve around the Pine Spring Canyon. 

Q. What city in Texas has mountains?

El Paso has the Franklin Mountains on its edge. 

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