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07 Best Affordable Places To Live In Michigan

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Places To Live In Michigan: Michigan is always famous for its beautiful and grand lakes, industries, lighthouses, big towns, gorgeous views from the coast area and landscape.

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But apart from this, Michigan is also a quiet affordable city to live, the state provides a great number of opportunities, and quiet peaceful places to live easily.

Here in this article, we will let you know 7 famous yet best affordable places to live in Michigan.

We will consider all the basic aspects like getting an easy house or apartments to live in, a good public transport facility, a good locality, and of course affordability factor.

7 Best Places To Live In Michigan For Young Adults:-


The first place in Michigan to visit and stay is Ann Arbor. Perfect place for students and young professionals to live, as it provides you with so many wonderful opportunities, and you will also get some of the best universities to study high.

The city is full of art, culture, and education. One of the most desired cities for young people to live in.

You will get some affordable houses and apartments to live, also there are amazing restaurants and nightlife to enjoy.

Average Household Income:$73276
Population of the city:126827
Average Property Tax(in ratio):1.64%


It’s a growing city, and perfect for people who love calm places.

Novi includes all the best facilities including the best schools, colleges, shopping,  retail area, park and public places, nightlife, and some best clubs to join, also  good employment opportunities.


Basically, it’s an awesome place for you to settle and raise children, complete your education, get decent jobs and enjoy your life.

Average Household Income:$100,311
Population of the city:66,560
Average Property Tax(in ratio):3.3%


Another affordable place to live in Michigan is Plymouth. One of the desired suburbs with the least crime rate ratio. If you are young and have a family, this place sounds perfect for you.

Best outdoor activities like playing golf and basketball, and some farms, parks to roam around.

Places To Live In Michigan

Found some good houses to live in the center of the city, with great shopping areas, restaurants, and local vendors, and how can we forget, Plymouth has the second biggest art fair every year known as Art In The Park,

Average Household Income:$119,813
Population of the city:79,828
Average Property Tax(in ratio):1.32%


Located in Southen Michigan between Battle Creek River and Kalamazoo River. Best place to live here if you love greenly, ganrdens, big trees, riverside parks and gorgeous natural preserve areas.


Along with that you will also get best museums to learn about the culture and history of the country, some best leader who did great and many more.

Provide some good working opportunities if you are interested in these things.

Average Household Income:$45,288
Population of the city:52,335
Average Property Tax(in ratio):1.32%


One of the fun cities to live in Michigan,, Kalamazoo is a city of some best houses, quality brews, good arts and history museums, preserve nature and Lake Michigan Coast.


You will easily find some of the good jobs there in different fields that you might be interested in.

Average Household Income:$44,296
Population of the city:73,257
Average Property Tax(in ratio):1.64%


Located in the northwest of Detroit, Flint is a city of art, culture, historical monuments, and grand museums.


Perfect for family people as all things are quite affordable while getting a stable house or raising children in a good environment.

Average Household Income:$32,358
Population of the city:80,628
Average Property Tax(in ratio):1.63%


The last best and affordable place to live in Michigan is Bedford, located in northwest of Battle Creek.


It’s gorgeous and charming to look into, you will get some best and easy houses to settle in.

Average Household Income:$74,188
Population of the city:31,840
Average Property Tax(in ratio):1.64%


Q1. Is Michigan a fun place to live?

Michigan offers you so many good and affordable places to live and settle. It’s a state for exploration, the more you are into it, the more you get to know

Q2. Where is the best place for young adults to live?

Some of the best places are, Heritage Hill, Fulton Heights, Brush Park, Hearthside Downtown, and Midtown.

Q3. What is the best city to raise a family in Michigan?

Ann Arbor is best city to live with family and raise children.

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