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06 Best Places to Live in Redlands, CA in 2023

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Best Places to Live in Redlands: Redlands is a vibrant city in California that offers a host of attractive offerings. From beautiful parks like Prospect Park, and performance venues like Redlands Art Association to shopping districts downtown, there is something here for everyone. 

If you’re a history buff, the city also has several impressive museums and historical monuments that offer a glimpse into its rich history.

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It also has a thriving arts scene and hosts various festivals and exciting events throughout the year including the famous annual Shakespeare Festival. 

Couple that with a promising job market and numerous excellent schools. 

Planning to move to this stunning city?

Let’s help you choose the perfect place with our list of the best places to live in Redlands, California.

Dive in!

North Redlands #1

Love sports?

Head to North Redlands.

The area is home to the Redlands Sports Complex where you can play basketball, football, and other games. 

Best Places to Live in Redlands

There’s also a craft brewery in the neighbourhood, perfect for unwinding with your favourite beer.

What’s more?

You’ll find the University of Redlands here, making it a great place for those who are looking to go to college nearby.

Houses here come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose as per your preference. With the median home price being less than the state average, it is an affordable choice.

Smiley Park Historic District #2

Looking for an old-world charm?

This neighbourhood won’t disappoint.

It is home to the Redlands Bowl, a historic amphitheatre from 1924 which hosts various performances throughout the year.

Best Places to Live in Redlands
Best Places to Live in Redlands

You’ll also find the beautiful Smiley Park here, perfect to rejuvenate your senses amidst nature.

What’s more?

With Downtown Redlands nearby, the area offers easy access to plenty of restaurants and shops. It also features many historic homes from the 1900s with varying sizes. 

Smiley Heights #3

Smiley Heights is perched just south of Smiley Park Historic District. Houses and lots here are bigger in size than in many other parts of the city.

Best Places to Live in Redlands

From enjoying a nature walk at the nearby Smiley Park to soaking in some history at Burrage Mansion, there is a host of recreational activities to enjoy around the area.

With so much to offer, it is one of the most popular places to live in Redlands, California. 

Redlands Heights #4

Love golfing?

This neighbourhood may be the one for you.

It is home to the Redlands Country Club, an impressive golf course and club that dates back to 1896.

Best Places to Live in Redlands
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It offers an array of outdoor recreational activities to indulge in.

Relocating with the whole family?

You can find many spacious homes around 2500 sq. feet. The lots are also quite large.

What’s more?

You’ll also find many good schools around the area that add to its desirability.

South Redlands #5

This charming neighbourhood is home to the Kimberly Crest House and Gardens, a stunning Victorian mansion that is on the National Register of Historic Places.

It features Italian Renaissance-style gardens and is perfect for celebrating events.

Best Places to Live in Redlands

The area has ample greenery and just like Redland Heights, homes here are bigger in size, making it a great option for those looking to raise a family.

Love spending time amidst nature?

The area also has Ford Park. You can enjoy a picnic, lounge by the duck pond, play at the tennis courts or bring your furry friend along at the dog park, the park offers something for everyone.

Live Oak Canyon #6

Don’t mind splurging for a lavish home?

Live Oak Canyon may be a perfect choice.

The area has many impressive mansions and features ample greenery.

Love outdoor recreation?

The neighbourhood is home to San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary, a 200-acre park where you can enjoy activities such as horse-riding, hiking, biking, and more.

It also offers easy access to Redlands Community Hospital. Although it’s a bit far from Downtown, if you’re looking for a tranquil vibe with lots of open spaces, this is the place to be in. 

So, pick the one that attracts you the most and get ready to move into your new home. 

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Q. Is Redlands California a nice place to live?

With lush natural beauty, a vibrant entertainment scene, and a strong economy, Redlands is a nice place to call home. 

Q. How much do you need to make to live in Redlands CA?

The average cost of living in Redlands CA for one person is around $36,159 a year which is considerably less than the state average. 

Q. What is the nicest part of San Bernardino?

Loma Linda and Redlands are amongst the nicest parts of San Bernardino. 

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