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5 Best Naples Beaches, Florida To Go And Enjoy!

5 Must Naples Florida Beaches to go and Enjoy!

Best Naples Beaches: Are you going to Florida and looking for some best beaches to roam around in Naples, then I am not surprised enough, because surely the beaches of Naples are the best to enjoy and do swimming, beach combing, wanding, surfing and lounging in the calm water.

Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or your partner, we have a solution for all group of people. And if you are confused to find some Naples Florida hotels on the beach, then also don’t worry about it.

Naples Beaches
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In this article, we will gonna share every wonderful thing related to Naples Beaches that help you enjoy your fullest and get the perfect worth of the city.

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If you’re searching for a gorgeous beach where you can spend some perfect time with your partner, then Seagate Beach is best for you to explore the love of the surrounding.

It is a perfect spot to see the best sunset of Naples, the beach is covered with a long pathway from the parking area to the main beach, along with park benches in the middle.

Florida Beaches
!00 Seagate Drive, Naples FL

Every part of Seagate beach is gorgeous enough to roam with your loved ones, you can simply do long hours of talks in these comfortable and beautiful surroundings. And if you be there, it’s recommended to not miss the sunset time.


A perfect, perfect place to enjoy your time with your family and friends. Or I can say an adventurous trip to go there. Clam Pass Beach park, is a kind of ecosystem that encounters birds, raccoons, and mangroves to see off.

Florida Beaches
Seagate Drive and Crayton Road, Naples FL

But you will find the real adventure when you get out from the beach, for which you need to a long broad pathway through the mangrove, it’s a fun walking ride with your love ones when the sun is hot hitting so hard and animals are finding their way to run here and there.

But you can also choose Tram, to take a fun ride of 15 minutes. Every 15 minutes, a free ride on the tram is going from the beach to outside the beach.


The next best Naples beach is keewaydin island, placed between Naples and Macro Island and surrounded by watery moats.

Florida Beaches
26.0704 degrees N, 81.7869 degrees W, between Naples and Macro Island

It is one of the best places for shelling and if you want to spend your vacation with your dog, then Naples Keewaydin Island is the only dog-friendly beach space. Enjoy time with your friends and family, and don’t forget to take a fun boat ride.


Delnor state park is one of the high-rated beaches of Naples(Naples Beaches), surrounded by so many trees as it is best for nature lovers. And also several picnic spots are available, with a small round table so you can eat and enjoy with your friends and family.

Florida Beaches
11135 Gulfshore Drive, Naples. FL

If you enjoy fishing, then also it is best for you as they provide different spaces to do fishing. A clear line has been meant so no swimming is allowed there because of the fishing zone.

The entry charge is $8 per car, which includes parking space too as there are so many parking areas outside the beach.


If you can’t decide where to go, then this beach is the perfect go-to for you, best to go with families. It’s a small beach just to confront the near area of 5th avenue south shopping area, do lots of shopping there and enjoy the after time on the beach.

Also, a perfect spot to see the sunset with family or friends, and enjoy your food, shopping, and sunset. What more do you want? But hey you will get it.

Florida Beaches
3rd Avenue South, Naples, FL

As due of the small area, the old pier sticks up from the water area, making a perfect spot for photographers. Parking area in Metered street parking space.

So these are some best and sure-sure go-to beaches for Naples, there are a lot more in these places that you get when you be there and enjoy a lot.

FAQs about Naples Beaches

Q1. Where to Stay in Naples Florida on the beach?

If you are going to Naples for the First time, the best place for you to stay is in Old Naples and Downtown Naples, a particular more defined area is 5th avenue south.
But if are looking for places to stay outside the city center, then Pelican Bay, Macro island, and Vanderbilt Beach are also areas to stay comfortably.

Q2. How far is Naples Florida from the beach?

Naples is a whole beach town in Florida because there you get some best white sugar sand Naples Beaches.

Q3. Some best beaches to swim in Naples?

They are many perfect beaches to swim around. Some are, Gaiola beach, Sorrento peninsula, Miliscola beach, and many more.

Q4. Which one is best, Macro Island or Naples?

Both are equally beautiful but Naples has more tourists because of the great nightlife, and shopping malls. While unlike to Naples, Macro island is relax place with little crowd and has an old Florida vibe.

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