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05 Best Places to visit in Prague

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Have you know the term “underrated”? Surely you are!

Places to visit in Prague: So this term can perfectly resonate with the city Prague, as it is one of the beautiful cities with gorgeous architecture and delicious food all around.

But still, not many of us consider Prague on our bucket list, and I am happy you are here. You surely get more worth from this city than you think.

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To conclude, the city Prague in three words, then maybe it should be nightlife, outstandingfood, and gorgeous monuments and museums.

Also nicknamed as “Golden City of 100 Spires”, because of the beautiful pointy spires all over the city. It is one of the best cities in Europe, where the beauty lies in every street, and you can sense it in the air.

So in this article, I will suggest you some of the best things to do in Prague, or I will say you must not miss this in Prague because they all worth of your time and money.

So let’s move all around in the feel of love and life.

What is unique to Prague?

As moving ahead with the best things or places to visit in Prague, you just need to know why Prague is the best place to go, what unique in this city.


As every city is mold with their stories, places and themes. So what’s this city contain?

So let me open the big box for you to know why Prague is special.

  • Prague is a city of rich architecture and well-maintained castles.
  • Prague is a city of 100s of stories, that are listened and expressed by everyone.
  • Prague is a kind of 3D architecture textbook that contains unique gardens, buildings, chapels, market, and a lot more.
  • Prague is a city of history that has cultural heritage, where the heart of Europe fall in love.
  • Prague is a city of perfect nightlife, its culture, sound, everything makes you vibe with the environment

Things you should not miss in Prague?

Prague Castle #1

One of the largest castles in the world, made for Bohemia kings, is now the chief attraction of the city. It’s said it is one of the best designed castle in the world which inspire other leading architectural structures.

And the best part about this castle is the view that you get from the top, the whole old town of Prague with all the beautiful Spires and river Vltava.

It looks so beautiful, like a living dream. The castle gives you a vibe of royalness along with the calmness in places like the royal garden, jousting tournaments, ball game pavilion, Royal summer house, lion’s court.

Prague Castle

You can also check their official website to get all the information regarding upcoming cultural events, music (classical music of Europe), concerts, workshops, and lectures related to city and country old tales.

The official website of Prague castle is www.hrad.cz/en/prague-castle-for-visitor

Wenceslas Square #2

The inheritance of a city is through museums, and Wenceslas square is a hometown of many national museums and other architectural structures.

Wenceslas Square

They built it in the 14th century, during the time of Charles IV’s reign, and after that, they declared it as a public space to show their gratitude and do celebration.

This is one of the best places, you should go and enjoy, click photos, eat exceptional food, do shopping and many more.

Old Town Square #3

The old town is the center of Prague’s culture and history. Exploring this can be equivalent to exploring most of Prague.

Here you will find old churches like Tyń Church and Clementinum, along with old architectural monuments, interiors of art houses, Chapel homes, and old prisons.

Old Town Square

But the main attraction of the old town is the 15th-century Astronomical clock, it is the third oldest Astronomical clock in the world.

It represents the universe and zodiac sign, with the sun and moon as the two hands of the clock. Every hour, it sounds loud and some apostles come in front of the clock and do Prade to show the value of time and life.

St. Vitus Cathedral #4

The largest and most important church in Prague, founded and built in AD 925, took 525 years to complete, that’s why it contains a royal yet modern look. Many saints, tombs, and Bohemian kings live there.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Besides the calm and peaceful environment of the church, you will be amazed by its look too, the walls attached with spectacular 1300 stones and stained glass windows.

And to be followed up, if you are lucky enough then you get to see the Czech crown jewel that only exhibited in every 8 years.

The national gallery of Prague #5

Europe’s famous art collections reside here. It is not only a beautiful architectural landmark in the Prague but also a home of creative personalities including Monet and Picasso art pieces are also residing there.

The national gallery of Prague

Any form of art may be photography, fashion, art, drawing, sculptures, and many more.

What are some most Delicious food in Prague?

As I mentioned above too, it also known for its delicious food and cuisine. Some of the best food names are;

Sushi Maru in Prague
  1. Koleno (bread dumplings)
  2. Koleno
  3. Nakladany hermelin
  4. Smazeny Syr (fried cheese)
  5. Moravian Sparrow
  6. Pork Schnitzel
  7. Beef with Czech Dill Sauce
  8. Beef Sirloin & Dumplings.
  9. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo – roast pork with cabbage and dumplings
  10. Utopenci

Prague doesn’t stop here. There are many more beautiful things that you need to see and wonder why you didn’t come here early. It is a gorgeous city with long cultural history of love, fight, and separation. You will see these stories in libraries, museums, street walls.

You will plan a full week to visit here and saw every little thing around the city. And enjoying the nightlife is the must thing to do.


What should you not miss in Prague?

Prague Castle
The national gallery of Prague
Nakladany hermelin

What is the best part of Prague?

Stare Mesto, best area to stay in Prague

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