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Close Encounter to Wildlife in Ubud Monkey Forest and West Bali National Park

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Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana, or known also as Ubud Monkey Forest, has become the sightseeing area for many kinds of apes and also a crucial religious area for the local community. There are Hindu temples, soothing streams, mossy rocks, and other forest components.

What Can You Do at Ubud Monkey Forest?

Then, is it forbidden to just visit here? The answer is no. There were 749 monkeys recorded in 2019 in this forest, Monkey Forest Sanctuary Bali has become an exciting tourist destination which you can use as the destination on your next vacation.

Interact with Monkeys

This is the main activity when you are visiting Ubud Monkey Forest. The monkeys here can be easily interacted with. However, even though they seem tamed, monkeys are still wild animals that can attack at any time. These tips on how to avoid unpleasant occurrences might help you.

  • Do not wear shiny items such as jewelry because monkeys are easily attracted to blink-blink objects.
  • Do not interact too closely to feed them. First, monkeys can get sick, or they can attack if they want more.
  • If the monkeys suddenly grab things by force, don’t hit them right away because they can get angry and attack back.
  • It is recommended to come around 3 pm to 4 pm when the monkeys are still active and most likely not attacking.

Visit the Sacred Temple in the Forest

There are several holy temples inside, both for the monkeys to play and for worship. Big temples are more recommended to visit. Small temples are better watched from afar because the monkeys consider this area their territory.

Watching Monkey Activity

Coming down from the treetop, approaching tourists, hanging on trees, and relaxing in the temple area are their activities that should be captured through camera. But don’t forget to hold the camera tightly so that they can’t steal it from you.

Relax in a Peaceful Atmosphere

You can enjoy the peace of the forest at its best in the morning or evening. The sound of the natural river flows will help you to relax. However, keep in mind to follow the officers’ directions not to get into the river area so that the monkeys wouldn’t suddenly attack and harm you.

Encountering Animals in West Bali National Park (TNBB)

Located on the western tip of the island of Bali, TNBB has two areas, named Buleleng Regency and Jembrana Regency. Visitors can use several tour packages at the same time in this national park. You can also check the West Bali National Park Trekking tour package.

This package will take tourists around in three to four hours while seeing Bali starlings, deer, langurs, long-tailed monkeys, and partridges. You can also walk along the trail using horses and stop at several points to take photos of beautiful natural backgrounds.

The Monkey Forest in Ubud is the right tourist destination for animal lovers. And trekking in the West Bali National Park is the answer for those who like to travel around. That’s how Bali is, rich in tourist attractions for all tourists with various hobbies.

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