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Travel Africa With Jenal Tours and Travel, Uganda

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Imtiaz Ullah is the founder of travel website - NomadLawyer. A Corporate Lawyer, Senior Travel Correspondent, The Traveller Trails magazine and also acts as an Advisory Member, NGO - Sarvahitey. His travel philosophy is exploring new places, meeting new people, knowing the culture, eating like a local. He always believes in the idea-“ Don't just be a traveller but a Responsible one”.

In the age of modern technology, when all travel planning  can be made by accessing the internet, do you still think travel agents play a role in our travel decisions?

When you see advertisements from travel companies like SOTC, TripAdvisor or Expedia, you may wonder if Travel Agents are still relevant in this technologically-advanced time. 

In spite of the trend to make online reservations and research destinations on your own, travel agencies still represent a considerable value. 

For certain places, it is always advisable to do the bookings through local travel agents and during the travel be accompanied by local travel guides. These guides have extensive knowledge of the area and can be helpful in difficult times.  One such place where a travel agent is generally recommended is Uganda.

There is not any iota of doubt that technology makes our travel planning easier, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we no longer need someone who “knows the ropes” to help us plan our trips. 

Travel agents can assist us to plan worry-free vacations, provide  amenities not available to everyone, and save money on a trip that is tailored to meet our needs.

In today’s blog, we will highlight a tour and travel company from Uganda named – “Jenal Tours and Travel

Welcome to Jenal Safaris, where the journey to experience true wilderness begins!

The office is located in Kawuku -Namuranda 1km off Entebbe road, 18km away from Entebbe airport and 2km from Kampala Uganda 

Jenal tours and travel is a travel agency that believes in  travelling for a cause and giving back to the community through volunteering in non profit organisation like orphanages, vulnerable people and the needy.

If you are planning a trip to East Africa and wish to explore for a cause, remember your reliable travel partner- Jenal Tours and Travel.

Jenal Safaris has top level experience in the tourism industry offering tailor-made safaris and small group tours to the heart of East Africa.

Explore Uganda’s hidden pearls, from the mighty river Nile to the lush green rainforests home to Africa’s highest density of primates. Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Dian Fossey and come face to face with the Mountain Gorillas in border of Uganda and Rwanda. Travel through the vast open spaces or climb Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. Discover the land of the great migration, the eight wonders of the world and its large herds of wildlife in Kenya.

Jenal Safaris was incorporated on March 1, 2017  as a fully registered company in Uganda to provide competitive tour and travel services  beyond uganda. We are located in Kawuku Namuranda 1km off Entebbe road 18km from Entebbe airport and 20km from Kampala City.


To provide memorable and adorable life experience

to our esteemed clients over and beyond their 

satisfaction. Explore with Jenal Uganda safaris your reliable travel partner




Hard work


We offer services in the following countries:



The distinctive attraction of Uganda as a tourist destination arises out of the variety of its game stock and its unspoiled scenic beauty. Uganda generally has substantial natural resources for tourism with a variety of landscape and ecosystems, climates and cultures.


Kigali is the dynamic capital at the heart of our country. This corner or northwestern Rwanda is a breath-taking unforgettable place where culture, adventure and conservation intersect.


The diversity of the game in Kenya is simply astounding.  Kenya’s game parks, reserves and other wildlife protection areas host some of the wildest game thus the reason why this is home for the safari.


Tanzania is a home for Africa’s tallest mountain Kilimanjaro standing at more than 5,000 feet above sea level. Also Tanzania boasts of having attractive national parks like Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Mikumi and Tarangire just to mention a few.


Contacts: +256 750 694 159 +256 774 876 175

 +256 784 675 114 +256 786 417 883


 Email:[email protected]

We will leave you with a photo journey of places worth visiting in Uganda:

NomadLawyer has partnered with Jenal Tours and Travel to explore East Africa.

Happy Travelling!

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