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The world’s largest open air bar is now open in Sweden

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Guests can collect ingredients from the surrounding wilderness, with the help of a guide, and create their own cocktails

Would you like to sip on a fresh cocktail at the world’s largest, outdoor, socially-distanced bar? If yes, check out The Drinkable Country in Sweden. Drinkable Country is an extension of The Edible Country, the world’s largest D-I-Y gourmet restaurant that was launched in 2019 with recipes developed by Michelin-starred chefs.

The bar has 14 tables and the open bar stretches all the way from Sweden’s southernmost beaches to its mountain tops in the Arctic north. And if the tables are all reserved, fret not, you still have 100 million acres to choose from.

The world's largest open air bar is now open in Sweden

The drinks offered at the bar are developed in collaboration with four beverage experts, each representing a region of the country. Rebecka Lithander of two-Michelin-star restaurant Daniel Berlin represents the south; local cocktail bar Bar Bruno the west; world-famous bar Tjoget the east; and Emil Åreng, an internationally acclaimed bartender and author of the cocktail book Salongs i Norrland, representing the north.

The world's largest open air bar is now open in Sweden

The beverages, based on the seasons of the country, are made with local ingredients. Guests can go foraging with a guide, to collect fresh ingredients for their cocktails.

Sounds exciting! Unfortunately, since travel to Sweden is not not open to most non-European countries, for now live vicariously through pictures on their website https://visitsweden.com/drinkable-country/


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