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Mittiqa- A Farmer’s Community Marketplace

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Mittiqa is an online store which acts as a bridge between the farmers and the customers. The goal is to provide completely natural products like Indian herbs, spices and other organic products. They claim that their products don’t use chemicals, insecticides, pesticides for any products.  This initiative is the brainchild of Anushka and Shraddha along with their team of farmers. Do visit www.mittiqa.com to check out their product catalogue.

How They Are Helping Farmers

Mittiqa is helping small and rustic farmers and tribes where natural farming, sustainability is followed and farming is done following a traditional approach.

Unique Vision of Mittiqa

Back to “traditional food system” is used to identify all food within a particular culture available from local and natural resources. This is their vision. Mittiqa believes they make products simple, safe, natural, chemical free and nutritious. Traditional foods are nutrient- rich and have a long history of supporting health and wellness.  Their goal is to revive Indian traditional foods, which dre artisanal, regionally curated and minimally processed.  Traditionally operated food processing centers in villages and smaller towns, are primarily operated by women.  This is an effort to enhance women’s employment.

Motto is: eat local and seasonal for your better health and support biodiversity.

  • Farmers are helping the environment with sustainable farming methods
  • Beneficial for health and wellness
  • Only natural farming
  • The best premium spices have been procured from all over India
  • Hand-packed by the farmer’s family

Social Impact

  • Eco Friendly
  • 100% Natural
  • Gluten & Lactose Free
  • Increased Farmer Payment
  • GLobal Exposure for Village Produce

Supply Chain: Mittiqa

The very nature of fresh food is perishable and that is the biggest challenge of the farm foods supply chain.  Except for cereals and pulses which usually have a longer shelf-life, the majority of other fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products.

The operation is focused on making the supply chain a transparent and quick process, which will not disturb the quality of spices and sustainability.  

Is organic food really healthier? Is it worth the expense?

Organic Food: Recommended By Team NomadLawyer

  • High Nutritional Value
  • Health Value
  • No Chemical & Pesticides
  • Certified Organic Sources
  • Preserves the Environment
  • Local Farmers can Earn More.

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy!

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