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Landour, A Laidback Cantonment Area And Now A Quaint Hill Station Near Delhi

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“Let no man take your dream away. It will sustain you to the end.” Ruskin Bond.

I literally believe in this and if you have any dream pursue it and in my case the dream is to explore new places and tell the stories.

As Delhi was reeling under scorching heat brought about by the heat wave, we decided to cool off and do a roadtrip to a comparatively cooler place in other words a hill station. As time was the essence we decided to travel not more than 7 hours and hence, we decided Mussoorie more specifically Landour.

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I think there is hardly anyone in India who loves reading and have not heard about Ruskin Bond. Ruskin Bond is one of India’s greatest writers. He has written several novels, novellas, short stories and poems and delighted readers of all ages with his words. Like with the romantic poets of old, his love for nature shows in his writing and inspires others to appreciate the beauty of the natural world as well. Landour is the place where this famous writer lives and if you are lucky you can get a chance to meet and interact with him. Hence, one of the many reasons for traveling to this beautiful hill station.

This is the place where you can meet Ruskin Bond

Everyone loves nature and when it comes to natural beauty then mountains come first in mind. Himalayan mountain range is one of the most beautiful ranges in the world. Though Himalayan range spread a long way in India, China, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan and tourists all over the world come here for its diversities. The Indian Himalayan range is more accessible than others. The easiest and nearest option for mountain lovers from the Capital region (Delhi) is Mussoorie in Uttarakhand which is also called “Queen of Mountains”.

Over the years, the city has changed a lot from its calming beauty to its modern development. Now the place is just a Hill station with citi’s like infrastructure and commercialisation. The famous mall road is fully fascinated with shops and eateries like in metro cities and crowd rushes to them. People who used to come here for mountain charm are now moving ahead and opting another nearest option, Landour.

Landour, a Cantonment Town in British India, was named after Llanddowror, a south-west Wales village.  Landour, hidden in the Himalayan mists and adorned in scarlet red rhododendrons and thick deodars, reminds one of the British Raj.  It’s a 5-kilometer drive from Mussoorie’s bustling bazaars. You can walk or drive there, but it’s a world of tranquility and lush views.

Landour’s old-world charm and authenticity have stood the test. It is one of those places that has remained untouched by modernization and continues to bring peace.

This is a great place to walk if you enjoy walking. A casual walk in Landour, through the dense Deodar forest, is an amazing experience. The air is thick with woody aroma and flowers blooming on the hillsides, is surreal.

Best Time to Travel

Landour is peaceful and pleasant all year. April through June are the best times to visit Landour because of its pleasant weather. August and September can be rainy, but they are also some of the most beautiful months in Landour.


Landour is a place where you will be captivated by the incredible wildlife. The town is rich in biodiversity and has a beautiful ecosystem. Landour is home to over 350 species, including migratory and endemic species from Siberia, Central Asia, Tibet and Central Asia. There will be a lot of raptors and pheasants. You will also see animals such as leopards, jackals and barking deer. A small number of mammals, such as yellow-throated martens and civets, can be found in Landour, including Himalayan weasels, civets and civets.

Places to Travel And Eat near Landour

Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba, the highest point in the Mussoorie Landour area. It is situated at 7,770ft, and it is worth a visit when visiting Landour. Lal Tibba Hill is also home to the All India Radio repeater and Doordarshan stations. Visitors come to the Lal Tibba Hill to see the magnificent landscape of Garhwal Himalayas.

Char Dukan 

Char Dukan is located near the Char Dukan in Landour. It is an Anglican Church that was established in 1839 and consecrated in 1840. It has a very unique Indo-gothic architecture with stained windows and is reminiscent of the times bygone and a must visit. 

Domas Inn

Located close to Landour Bazaar, Doma’s Inn is a place that you can’t miss. It has a vibrant look with a painted dragon on the outside wall. We had our lunch at this place and I must tell you can find authentic Tibetan food here. There are lights and Thangka paintings which will catch your attention. The interiors at Doma’s Inn Café are colorful and are full of souvenirs from across India and the world. There are many vintage bollywood posters as well.

Visiting St Paul’s Church

If you walk a little further, you will see St. Paul’s Church to your left. The church has stained glass paintings inside. Nestled in the lush green trees, this Church looks awesome. The church is located at a distance of 5 km from the Library Bus Stand near Chaar Dukaan.

It is an Anglican Church that was built in 1839 and first consecrated on 1st May 1840 by Bishop Daniel Wilson of Calcutta.

Landour Bakehouse

Landour’s Landour Bakehouse is a delight. You can indulge in the British-style bakery and other delicacies here. Landour Bakehouse blueberry cheesecake is a hit with all visitors.

Nag Tibba

Peak is situated at a distance 81 km from Landour. This is an amazing trek  hidden trail. You can see many Himalayan ranges from Nag Tibba, Bandarpoonch to Kala Nag to Gangotri.

We will leave you with a photo gallery of Mussoorie

The Healing Homestay & Cafe

Walk hand in hand forever

The gang 



Fulfillment after the lunch

The leap of faith

One of the best Pizza at Healing Cafe

Hot chocolate with a view

For shalws and handicrafts contact my friend – Sukhvinder Singh- 96750 94000

My way of relaxation

Pancake at Char Dukan

My love for hot chocolate

The Little Lama Cafe- one of the best cafes in Mussoorie 

Must have  Cheesecake here

Union Church 

Turkish Ice cream- the kiddos love it

Mussorie has some of the best schools

Mussoorie has some of the best schools

We stayed at the Kamakshi Grand hotel in Mussoorie, here is the link:


Thanks to my friend Amid Dhanda, Director Sales and Marketing at Royal Collection Hotels and Resorts for making all the arrangements.

Here is Facebook link, in case you want to reach out:

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