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Indian Railways: Sleeping Rules Has Changed

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Indian Railways

Indian Railways has made a humongous change in the rules keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers. The recent change made by the Railways is pertaining to the passengers traveling at night especially rule says, “don’t disturb passengers during sleep”.

Apart from listening to songs on mobile, many complaints were also received by the Railways that people sit in groups in trains and talk loudly. The idea is to stop these nuisances.

Indian Railways

Know The New Rules

The Railway Board has decided that if you are talking fast on mobile after 10 pm during the journey in the train, then strict action will be taken.

According to the new rules, passengers can neither talk loudly nor listen to music during night travel.

If any passenger complains, then it will be the responsibility of the staff present in the train to resolve it. Otherwise, strict action will be taken against them.

Know Where The Rules Are Applicable

The new guidelines were announced by the Ministry of Railways following complaints that many late-night train journeys are ruined by loud traveling companions who speak loudly on mobile phones or make personal calls, even when they are in a quiet carriage.

The railway ministry has announced that from now on, passengers will not be allowed to use any device with loud sounds at night or talk loudly while others are sleeping.

The new guidelines will apply to all trains including long-distance trains, express trains, mail/express trains, and Rajdhani Express trains

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