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Hemant Kumar Uppal Shaping The Future Of Indian Youths

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India is contemplated to be a young nation. India has more than 50% of its population beneath the age of 25 and more than 65% beneath the age of 35, that amounts to 261 odd million people. India has its largest ever adolescent and young populace. It is a huge responsibility to steer this young population towards righteous progress.

One such individual who felt it was his moral duty to support and provide the right foundation for our youth is Mr. Hemant Kumar Uppal.

Hemant Kumar Uppal Shaping The Future Of Indian Youths

Who is Hemant Kumar Uppal?

He can be illustrated as a visionary crusader. Ace photographer, graphic artist, printing technologist, social rights, road safety activists, Delhi traffic police sentinel voluntary first responder, motivator cum mentor, graphic arts trainer, author of ‘Gateway to Success’, avid adventure traveler, explorer, and motor sports enthusiast.

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He aims to change the mindset of the young populace and guide them towards personal and comprehensive nationalistic growth with the spirit of nationalism and magnanimity.

Usually, people like Hemant, have been through tough life situations that stimulate them to take up such challenges. He too had a traumatic childhood and didn’t get what a child deserves. He grew up under his maternal uncle’s guidance and was highly influenced by him.

There were plenty of issues bothering him from his past which affected his present. Hemant committed to himself that he would begin a journey into healing his heart and release the old pain, hurt, and sadness that he held so tightly. Hence, began the most magnificent, courageous journey of his life which ignited a new challenge in him and his life changed gears for the better.

His career took shape when he pursued the profession of his interest, i.e. Graphic Arts. Soon after securing a Diploma in Printing Technology in 1979, engaged in technical assignments at various print houses till Sept 1980. Next, he joined public service in Oct 1980 and served the Ministry of I B for 16 years. Ministry of Defence for 2 years, and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for 19 years.

Wow . . . started with a diploma….but when there is determination, nothing can stop you !

Hemant says, “All these 39 odd years of public service could not make me a Sarkari Babu and I kept on sharpening my technical, communication, administrative, managerial, training skills.”

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Working in the government service is considered an opportunity to make a fortune, for most, but for Hemant, it was like a cage. He worked honestly and believed in upright clean practices. His passion for honesty was considered an unwanted trait.

During his stint with Min of Health in 2002, he attended many training workshops on motivation, soft, life, and behavioral skills, etc. and invested a substantial chunk of his savings. That’s when he realized that he attended these workshops, but what about those who cannot afford them?

Since the kind of training is being offered at a premium, most people are not able to benefit. These training workshops do assist and guide to choose the correct path to success and noble life.

This is when Hemant decided to use all the experience had gained in decades of working in the social sector and understanding the youth of our country closely, to design a training capsule- ‘Gateway to Success’.

It is an affordable wholesome Personality Development Training Programme on Stress-free Learning. It has been designed to cater to the needs of students, parents, and teachers to address all those possible avoidable traumas inflicted during the formative years of a child.

He became a trainer at KABERI (Keen Action for Behavioral and Educational Reforms in India)

Mission was endeavoring and steering the ‘United and Happy India Movement’ to every nook and corner of the country, through training, enlightening, and motivating the youth to perform honestly with clear intentions.

KABERI’s training is based on creating situations that get children excited about learning through its training program- ‘Gateway to Success’ incorporates scientifically proven techniques for improving concentration, memory, behavior, time management, positive thinking, etc. while imbibing confidence in participants.

Interactive seminars– ‘Gateway to Success’ are organized, on- demand for students, parents, teachers, teacher trainers and students of education.


Kaberi is a research, consultancy, and advocacy organization that is working for transforming education in India and has a strong belief that every child can learn everything. Nurturing the ability to learn is the best gift children can get from their adults. However, most parents and teachers fall into the trap of ‘drilling in facts’

He confidently states that “stay with me, as I am about to describe a few simple and effective methods which are so powerful that your search for an answer to your challenges will be over and you can begin using these simple and subtle methods in your life from today onwards for attaining ultimate success and pleasure. This will result in a positive transformation in you and If you are determined, you can truly control your destiny. The only problem is, that when one tries to do it alone, one has no one to turn to for guidance“.

It took 40 precious years of his life working unrestricted on his mission. He is now retired from public service getting a meager pension from Govt of India.

His goal is to train the youth in soft skills and make them good collaborators, planners, and effective communicators, to innovate, analyze and try to solve problems and be intuitive.

KABERI provides training in photography, digital graphic designing, and printing technology with all the required technical and specialized expertise from the stage of Imagination to Reality. It is very important that vocational skills are instilled in every student during their academics and also in those underprivileged youth who could not pursue academics due to constraints so that they can decide upon the field of interest for their career and respectable livelihood.

KABERI conducts other awareness drives like blood camps, organ donation- a Gift of Life.

Road Safety– must be a habit not the fear of the law.

Having a developed sense of road safety also amounts to respecting the ‘Uniform’ worn by our forces- the saviors. The policy of ‘prevention is better than cure’ has to be followed religiously.

Assisting the Accident Victims was a huge endeavor initiated by him.

Hemant says,” We are losing 1,46,000 odd precious lives every year in India due to road fatalities. Life of most of the accident victims can be saved if medical attention and first aid are provided, immediately “.

He trained himself to be the First Responder and Delhi Traffic Police Sentinel (road safety activist).

His vehicle is equipped with all necessary emergency medical, and mechanical rescue facilities that are available complimentary to anyone, birds, animals, and humans. This way he can help anyone anywhere during emergency circumstances and he can immediately reach out where help is required.

Hemant says,“De-Stressing the Over-Stressed Police Force is extremely important as this affects their working potential directly.” He has conducted regular programs for them too. He endorses Gender equality and empowerment for total development.

He expresses, “that besides stringent laws to stop crime against women in society, especially the youth must be sensitized to fundamentals of Human Rights and Behavioural skills in their daily routine. Gender Sensitization is the need of the present.”

Hemant Kumar Uppal’s mission KABERI’s supreme objective is that we want an honest India- for future generations.

He believes that the happiness of our children is in our hands through our honest deeds. Therefore, let us pledge to practice honesty. He has various publications in his kitty.

• A book titled ‘Gateway to Success’

• An audio C.D. and cassette on relaxation exercise titled ‘Gateway to


• A YouTube channel titled ‘Mission KABERI’ that broadcasts training sessions on photography.

When you put in hard work, success follows.

He has been nominated as an Expert Member of the Review committee at the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi.

• Deputed to ‘Nathu-La’, North Eastern Indo-China border to capture photographs of various difficult terrains, locations, and Indian Army’s activities for publication- ‘Sainik Samachar’ in January 1992, was designed & published using those photographs.

• Received an appreciation from Govt. of Assam in 1983 for facilitating the conduct of general elections.

• Awarded in an Info-graphic (Poster) competition organized by the Director-General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, Family Welfare’s ‘National Programme for Blindness’, Govt. of India

• Established a Computerized Digital Pre-Press System in the Institute’s press and operated it independently to produce all print jobs in-house

• Set up a Silk Screen Printing Unit for managing small print jobs.

The first training workshop that he conducted was at the Family Planning Association of India. Became the visiting faculty in various colleges in Delhi and soon took over the paper setting tasks worked as an examiner and judged various events. He intends to keep on traveling and take the moment to train masses across India.

At present, he has conducted 800 odd training programs around India, successfully.

Several students, parents, teachers, doctors, principals, and police personnel attended his training capsule to the extent of 25,000 heads.

He endeavors to establish the philosophy- ‘You are Happy-I am Happy in society.’

Hemant Kumar Uppal’s future vision is…

If more and more people join him or start similar initiatives then the face of young India will change and soon other countries will envy us for being the youngest and most progressive country in the world.

With people like Hemant giving guidance and career counseling to hundreds of youth every year, we surely have a bright future to look up to.

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