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Best Place to Stay In Spiti – Hotel Spiti Heritage

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I will start this blog by saying, “A lot of people talk to me about places to stay in Spiti Valley, and I mostly ask them to opt for: Hotel Spiti Heritage”.

Spiti Valley welcomes you with landscapes that you could only have dreamt of. The word Spiti is spoken as Piti in the Bhoti language and the recent version of Spiti literally means the Middle Land between Tibet and India. In my opinion, while the name might have connotations of uncertainty, there is not an iota of doubt that we are entering a land that could well be Heaven on Earth.

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Hotel Spiti Heritage

Spiti itinerary

Spiti Valley is in a rain-shadow region of North India, and you rarely wake up to overcast or grey skies in Kaza. The sight that welcomed me was one that could make a poet out of Albert Einstein. For some strange reason, clouds linger in one place in the Spiti skies for eternity.

Best Place to Stay In Spiti

Best Place to Stay- Hotel Spiti Heritage

One of the top-rated hotels in Kaza, Spiti Valley, Hotel Spiti Heritage is the best place to assimilate into the local culture. The generous-size rooms and suites in the hotel provide a tranquil atmosphere and display mesmerizing views of the valley through the windows. Travelers from all around the world come to stay at the hotel during their trip to Spiti Valley. They have an in-house restaurant where you can relish delicious food. It is one of the best Spiti Valley Hotels to stay for some respite and relaxation.

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Spiti heritage  is located in kaza and is managed and owned by Mr. D.P Bodh and his son Mr. Chhuldim Tharchin and since 2012.

Mr D.P Bodh is 70 years old now but still takes care of all management perfectly. He runs the hotel with lot of passion and if you are there never shy away from having an interaction with Mr. D.P Bodh. He is a repository of knowledge specially the Spiti region and loves to share his knowledge with the travellers.

Now coming to one of the most important facets of a stay in a hotel- the view from the rooms. I must confess the view from the rooms is to die for. The rooms from this hotel presents a mesmerizing view of the snow clad mountains. The hotel also offers an in-house restaurant, completely away from the hustle bustle and commotion of the main town. It offers a very peaceful ambience and that I am sure would be loved by all the travellers.

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Photo gallery- Hotel Spiti Heritage

Front view


Buffet area

Mountain view room

Deluxe room



During snowfall

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