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Newly wedded couples? Here is the best spot for the perfect honeymoon trip. The Maldives has sure shot the one-stop tropical tourist destination for one of the best trips. The Maldives is an archipelago and to get the sunny side of life; one must definitely drench themselves in the sunny beaches.

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Have a sunbath and relish coconut waters! The huge expanse of some of the beautiful resorts provides the most incredible services. Not just quality seafood but it also provides a variety of water sports and ideal weather for a romantic and memorable trip.

The exclusive honeymoon applications assist couples journey to an uncommon journey. If you’ve got a honeymoon journey on the cards, select the quality honeymoon package, MALDIVES.


Maldives honeymoon packages for honeymooners include a trip to Paradise Island Resort & Spa Maldives which turns your honeymoon into a terrifically memorable trip. This honeymoon package deal for the Maldives treats you with several water sports, a holistic spa, and diving with many unique sports. Created for brief and lengthy stays, this Maldives tour itinerary flawlessly meets your requirements for a romantic vacation. If you are planning to book a Maldives 4 nights package deal, are searching for a recommendation from Maldives itinerary that publications you about your sports for 4 nights and 5 days.


The Hulhumale Beach, with a special feature of glistening waters and spotless beach shores, is a must-visit in the Maldives. Its distance from Male is 7.1 km. It seems to be a paradise on earth with its white sandy beaches, azure waters, and a variety of water sports.

The Male Local Market is the most popular street market. Starting from handicrafts, local snacks, and other kinds of souvenirs, this market enchants several tourists throughout the year.

Vibrant in it looks; this local market is a sure-shot visit if you are on the beaches of Maldives. The plethora of flamboyant items is primarily on the top of one’s bucket list.

The next stop is the National Museum which is located in the capital city Male. With wide-ranging artifacts, it reflects the history of its time comprising its Islamic and Buddhist eras. It consists of different manuscripts that can amaze visitors.


Some of the top dishes that you must try while your stay in the Maldives

Fried Yams: A delicious and crunchy dish that is similar to sweet potatoes. It can be enjoyed with a wide range of dips and taken as a starter. They are sweeter in taste and starchier. Every restaurant serves this as a starter with their variant of dips.

Fish Curry: Seafood and Maldives are a perfect combination. The freshwater fish that you get in variety here. The top styles of fish utilized in the Maldives for the preparation involve tiny tunny,  yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, wahoo, frigate tuna, and mahi-mahi. Mainly there are three predominant meals concerned in making this curry which might be fish,  starch and coconut. It may be loved with rice, roshi, papadhu, and additionally Maldivian poppadoms.

Gulha: Another non-vegetarian delicacy, Gulha is made of wheat or rice flour dough that consists of a filling of tuna fish, chopped onions, and coconut with a dash of chilies. They are fried crunchy dumplings with a soft inside.


Add some adventure to the romantic air of your Maldives trip. Try out some water sports. Some of the water sports in the Maldives are Maafushi, half-day snorkeling, Mafushi: shipwreck, shark and turtle snorkeling with dolphin watching. Scooba diving and underwater sea walking are also some of the exciting water sports that are a must on the to-do list during your stay time at the Maldives.

These Maldives honeymoon applications moreover encompass stays at costly and cushy resorts which make sure that the traveling couples are treated to a home-like environment throughout their romantic vacation.

Come spend a few best times to kick begin your married existence on a glad and romantic note. After all, what is higher than coming near amidst a serene environment? And this Maldives honeymoon bundle deal is performed exactly only for you. So, wait no more! And book your honeymoon bundle deal for the Maldives.

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