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World Soil Day – Let’s Save the Earth from Soil Erosion

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Imtiaz Ullah is the founder of travel website - NomadLawyer. A Corporate Lawyer, Senior Travel Correspondent, The Traveller Trails magazine and also acts as an Advisory Member, NGO - Sarvahitey. His travel philosophy is exploring new places, meeting new people, knowing the culture, eating like a local. He always believes in the idea-“ Don't just be a traveller but a Responsible one”.

Why we celebrate world soil day

There are those who believe that it is simply too obvious to have a day designated just for World Soil Day. But if we look a little closer, it really doesn’t matter what the day’s focus is. It is important to realize that soil has an important role in the climate and environment of the world. Soils that are rich in nutrients and bacteria will help sustain life.

What’s more, there’s an element of mystery to the soil. Each and every type of plant depend on the correct conditions for development. Soil that’s too acidic or too alkaline will kill plants before they even have a chance to sprout. Soil that is too wet or too dry will also deny these plants their needed water and oxygen. In addition, plants that are plagued by insects, disease or diseases will not grow and flourish as they should.

To recognize the importance of soil, it is a good idea to learn about world soil day. The United States Postal Service (USPS) celebrates World Soil Day every year with the sending of certified seeds, bags and planting kits to people living in all US states and territories. Soil from all parts of the world is brought to the US for planting kits are available for purchase at stores throughout the country. This is a great way to learn about the richness of our soils and to appreciate how important it is to maintain them.

The goal of this global celebration

The goal of this global celebration of soil is to increase interest in soil science and education. Soil, after all, is crucial to the plant life that we share and the foods that we eat. People living in rural areas might never even know the importance of proper soil management. By planting seeds of education and awareness, World Soil Day helps bring this ancient yet diverse process to their attention. The soil is very rich and complex and by learning all that it has to offer, people can improve the health of their families as well as their gardens and landscapes.

Learn more about soil

There are many reasons why people should learn more about soil and its special characteristics. Some of those reasons include improving air quality and energy production, better crop growth and drought resistance, as well as promoting biodiversity. Cultivating more soil with rich organic matter can also help reduce water consumption. On a larger scale, farmers can use this day to learn how to save water and improve their ecological balance. There are so many ways in which farmers can make their plots more productive, including aerating to promote water run-off, adding soil proven to increase fertility and nitrogen (both of which are beneficial), and mulching to retain moisture and prevent evaporation.

Besides the celebration itself, there are several other reasons to celebrate world soil day as well. One is that it provides an opportunity to learn about the depleted natural resources of the earth, what kinds of pollutants and wastes are found in our soil, and how those factors affect our health. Another reason is that farmers are encouraged to protect the biodiversity of their soils, since this is crucial to the development of crops and the overall health of the soil in turn. Educating people about soil erosion and the damage that it can cause is just one way that farmers can protect the environment and their valuable natural resources. By conserving the fertility of the soil, farmers can save seeds from being lost to seed farming, and they can ensure that the plants they grow are able to resist disease and pests. Through education, farmers can learn how to care for their land and soil, and how to create sustainable landscapes.

How do you celebrate world soil day

There are two main ideas behind the World Soil Day: first, that we should celebrate the preciousness of our soils; and second, that people should plant on their soils and not till them. There are some aspects of the first idea, that are not entirely compatible with the ideals of World Soil Day, though. For example, if we, as a society, prioritize the importance of tilling the land and plowing it, we could do nothing to save the world’s soils. However, many people do have the idea that their soils are important. That is why, for instance, someone who is committed to preserving the earth’s soil would likely consider supporting a World Soil Day.

The second idea that is at odds with World Soil Day is that people should not plant anything on their soils. This seems like a contradiction, however, because some argue that it is not true that anything grows on the soil, since the only substances that can survive in the soil are plant-like material. A third point of contention is that soil is not a sterile place, and that living organisms should be able to thrive there. If these organisms are allowed to flourish, they will undoubtedly add to the richness of the soil. Planting anything in the soil, including seeds, will certainly add to the richness, but it cannot be denied that the addition of living organisms to the soil will also add to its richness. Therefore, on World Soil Day, people should respect the fact that the soil is a living organism, and that humans should not plant anything on it.

World Soil Day: Nomadlawyer

To mark the World Soil Day, we at NomadLawyer, wish to highlight the growing menace caused by Soil Erosion. 

Through this blog, we will highlight and try to create awareness regarding the problem of soil erosion in the state of Assam. 

The state of Assam is frequently ravaged by the fury of mighty Brahmaputra and its tributaries causing untold human misery and devastation of indescribable nature. 

The flood in Assam is such a regular feature and it’s our responsibility to provide relief to our people. Erosion has a negative impact on overall development of the state. 

With flood comes soil erosion and conservation of soil becomes the utmost need of the hour. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps to reduce the erosion of soil, to maintain fertility so that food safety can be ensured. 

Silting is a major problem for floods in Assam , due to hilly areas with lots of fast flowing rivers, this is a major concern. Every year with coming of flood, the river beds get immensely affected. The temporary solution is to constantly monitor this situation and if possible have to dig out those silts , with those silts make some higher grounds for safe shelter. Also relocation can be a permanent solution of damaging floods. Every year some districts or people got affected by the floods , relocation will make some difference. 

The situation is so grave that the Honourable Supreme Court of India took cognizance of the grave situation in Assam, heard a PIL and issued direction on the below lines: 

“The Supreme Court t asked the Centre and the Assam government to respond to a plea that the failure of effective flood management in the state was leading to large-scale loss of landmass due to soil erosion. 

A bench headed by Chief Justice Altamas Kabir also issued notice to the Arunachal Pradesh government as the petitioner claimed that being a upper riparian state, it has not done much to combat the floods effectively”. 

We have given the example of Assam but the entire world is facing the burnt of soil erosion. Many places of the planet are already or are on the brink of getting submerged. So, act before it is too late. This should be a wake up call for different governments across the globe. 

We at NomadLawyer believe that ” Together we can change the world” 

Our ideology: “ Mother nature has gifted us with beautiful places to explore and it’s our duty to pay back”.

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