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Woodstock: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Woodstock, Georgia

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Travel Attractions – Woodstock, Georgia

Woodstock, Georgia is a municipality in Cherokee County. Woodstock, originally an area served by the Louisville and Nashville Railroads, is now part of the Atlanta metropolitan. It is located just north of Atlanta. It is convenient enough to be a favorite place for city workers. It is one of America’s fastest-growing suburbs, and for good reason.

Founded in 1897, Woodstock was made a major trading hub by the railroad’s construction. It was home to the last passenger train in 1949, is still an attractive place to live and easy access to all of Atlanta’s amenities.

Olde Rope Mill Park

Olde Rope Mill Park lies on the southern bank. It is named after an 1800s rope mill that used the river’s constant flow to convert cotton into rope. The rope mill and its nearby flour mills may have been defunct, but they provide a stunning outdoor space for exploring the region’s history as well as natural beauty.

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To explore the river’s waters, you can jump in a canoe or join one the many hiking or mountain biking trails that extend for 30+ kilometres around the park. They were named in honor of Taylor Randahl (an avid mountain biker who was killed in a crash while riding his bicycle).

More Details About Olde Rope Mill Park

Address:690 Olde Rope Mill Park Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188, United States
Contact:+1 770-517-6788

Berry Patch Farms

Georgia may be known as “The Peach State”, but the state has more to its agricultural offerings than just one fruit. Let’s not forget, Georgia’s former President Jimmy Carter was once a peanut farmer. Berry Patch Farms has a variety of natural foodstuffs that you will find in America, including pumpkins and blueberries, as well as other fruits during Halloween.

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The Christmas season is when the farm gets a festive feel. Families travel all around the world to buy their Christmas trees. Big Springs Farms offers visitors the opportunity to not only grab a pumpkin but also take a farm tour in a wagon. You will also get to see the farm’s residents animals.

More Details About Berry Patch Farms

Address:786 Arnold Mill Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188, United States
Contact:+1 770-926-0561

Reformation Brewery

Woodstock’s Reformation Brewery takes pride in producing beers that are completely free of the constraints of what a beer should be.
This passion-driven team of brewers works out of the brewery, located off Main Street. Visitors can step behind the scenes and take self-guided tours through the metal tanks, where the magic happens.

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The best way to see the quality of Reformation’s beers is to taste them. These include American-style pale ales as well as German wheat beers and Belgian tripels.

More Details About Reformation Brewery

Address:105 Elm St, Woodstock, GA 30188, United States
Contact:+1 678-345-8080

Lake Allatoona

The lake, despite its natural beauty is artificial and was created by the US Army Corps of Engineers via the damming of Etowah River. Its thin and long shape means that construction around it has been restricted. This is especially true at the northern end of the lake, which makes it an attractive spot for anyone looking to get a taste of the great outdoors.

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It is best to travel to the shore of Lake Ontario by heading towards one the seven campgrounds and campsites maintained by the US Army or one of the two yacht clubs.

Archibald Smith Plantation Home

Roswell’s Archibald Smith Plantation Home was constructed in 1840s. It predates any Woodstock-related information. Today, the museum is home to Archibald Smith and three generations of his family. This wonderful example of southern architecture is built in traditional style with clapboard planks. It was built during the American Civil War.

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It houses a variety of original furniture and personal items of long-term residents. These pieces show the rich white life that was lived during this period. The grounds include an authentic cookhouse and carriage house where slaves of African descent lived and worked. Woodstock can be reached in 20 minutes.

More Details About Archibald Smith Plantation Home

Address:935 Alpharetta St, Roswell, GA 30075, United States
Contact:+1 770-641-3978

Elm Street Cultural Arts Village

The Elm Street Cultural Arts Village, which is located in Woodstock’s historic center, can be said to be the cultural and geographic heart of the city. There is no community theatre that goes unutilized for more than a few days each year. It’s far from empty. This ‘village’ hosts an array of events, so there is something for everyone every day.

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The village’s theatre hosts musical performances, plays and concerts. The events space also includes a garden, an art gallery, as well as educational spaces. Woodstock Arts was formerly known as Elm Street Cultural Arts. Since 2002, Woodstock Arts has provided world-class performing arts performances, concerts, classes and camps in north Georgia.

More Details About Elm Street Cultural Arts Village

Address:Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail, 293 Gran Ellen Dr, Athens, GA 30606, United States
Contact:+1 706-613-3580

Dixie Speedway

The Dixie Speedway’s roaring engines are as far from a hot air balloon’s quiet solitude as they come. This trackway is a vital part of America’s culture, and Woodstock residents will be at their most relaxed.

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The track is simply a clay oval loop and puts Formula 1 drivers to shame. The National Touring Stock Car Races are the highlight of the track’s events, but it also hosts motorcycle races, Monster Truck rallies, concerts, and other activities.

More Details About Dixie Speedway

Address:Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail, 293 Gran Ellen Dr, Athens, GA 30606, United States
Contact:+1 706-613-3580

FAQs about Woodstock

What is Woodstock Ga known for?

Woodstock is known for its lively downtown and world-class trails and parks. It is also home to many thriving small businesses and regional shopping destinations.

Is Woodstock GA in the mountains?

Woodstock is located just southeast of Lake Allatoona. This reservoir, 12,000 acres in size, has 270 miles shoreline and is home Red Top Mountain State Park. Little River Marina offers a boat rental. You can rent pontoons and ski boats as well as paddle boards and kayaks from Little River Marina.

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