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Why Are Truck Accidents So Dangerous And Devastating?

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Even if we hear about truck accidents from someone else, we start to imagine the major injuries and huge amounts of losses in terms of vehicles and properties. The reason why these accidents are always serious and a matter of concern of the size of the truck and how hugely it has been manufactured. These parts are so dangerous that even if a part of them touches a person or vehicle, they can cause severe injuries and losses. To file the truck accident claim, you need to get in touch with an Atlanta truck accident attorney with complete knowledge and information related to claims.

Truck Accidents

What are the possible injuries from a truck accident?

We all are aware of the fact that truck accidents can damage vehicles and properties to such an extent that repairs are not possible in many cases. Talking about injuries, some of the severe injuries may include:

Spinal cord injuries

These injuries are the result of the sudden impact of the neck and face on the windshield. Since the car driver may be running at a certain speed and due to the accident, his head may get hit and he may receive severe spinal cord injuries. A person may lose the feeling below the neck area or even may get paralyzed completely.

Traumatic brain injuries

TBI is a serious injury type because a person may receive injuries in the head due to which he may not be able to regain consciousness and even go into a coma for an indefinite time. Some people take several years to regain their mental health if they have started to suffer from depression and memory loss due to the truck accident.

Broken bones or fractures

Any part of the body can be fractured due to the sudden hit of a truck crash. A person may have them in arms, legs, face, feet, and hands and even in joints. These medical conditions will make one unable to move from one place to another for several months.


The vehicle may catch fire due to a collision with the truck. The driver may get burns if he is not taken out of the vehicle quickly. These burns may stay for a long time and the scars may not even disappear after the medical treatment.

Truck accident claims should be filed as soon as possible so that you don’t cross the timeline to file the same. Call an attorney today!

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