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WHITE PLAINS, Top 7 Best Tourist Places To Visit White Plains, New York

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Tourist Attraction in WHITE PLAINS, New York

White Plains, New York, USA, is a beautiful place in Westchester County.

It is located in South-Central Westchester and is bordered on the four sides by Scarsdale, Harrison, Scarsdale and Greenburgh.

This is New York’s eleventh largest city. It also serves as the county seat and major commercial hub for Westchester County.

White Plains is home to approximately 59,000 people, according to the 2020 United States. This is a diverse and friendly community. This suburban county is densely populated and home to around one million people.

White Plains is an active city that still retains a little bit of suburban charm. Visitors from all around the globe flock to White Plains because of its many attractions and amenities. .

White Plains, a community established by 1735 in the township of Rye. It was the center of iron-mining activity within Westchester. It also served as a crossroads to several transportation lines. On July 9, 1776, the New York Provincial Congress met at the site and approved the Declaration of Independence. It also declared the state of New York. George Washington defeated the British general Lord Howe at the Battle of Chatterton Hill, which was also known as White Plains National Battlefield Site. He was then able to move his troops to fortified lines further north. Washington’s headquarters was the Elijah Miller House (1738).



White Plains has something for everyone. It boasts a 15-screen movie theater, farmer’s markets and a public course. White Plains is a bustling urban centre by day but has a small-town feel after commuters and shoppers leave at 5 o’clock.


The Westchester #1

The Westchester, an upscale shopping center operated by Simon Property Group, is located in White Plains’ downtown district. It offers visitors and locals the opportunity to shop for a variety of luxury brands without having the hassle of dealing with the people of New York City. Crate and Barrel and Neiman Marcus are the anchors of this mall. The Westchester also houses Louis Vuitton and David Yurman stores, Tiffany and Co. and Burberry. There are several restaurants in Manhattan, as well as a playground for children at The Savor Food Hall.

Visit The Westchester with your family and friends to enjoy an exciting shopping experience. Explore White Plains. White Plains is full of fun activities, including shopping at The Westchester. The Downtown district in White Plains is where you will find Westchester.

White Plains Performing Arts Centre #2

The White Plains Performing Arts Centre hosts talented individuals who create theatrical performances that encourage creativity, promote talent, and entertain the community.

The White Plains Performing Arts Centre hosts professional and self-produced theatrical performances, including opera, dance, drama, and other genres. These performances are performed by national and international talent.

White Plains Performing Arts Centre offers classes and training on education arts programs, in addition to watching theatre performances. Summer Theatre Academy for Students is a great program that will help you to train your children in the arts.

You can enjoy live entertainment in White Plains, New York with your family and friends by watching the White Plains Performing Arts Centre’s theatrical performances. One of the most enjoyable things to do in White Plains is to watch exciting performances at the Centre.

Battle of White Plains Park #3

The Battle of White Plains Park, which is approximately an acre and half in area, is located near the historic Battle of White Plains. The park is located at the corner on Battle Avenue and Whitney Street. It was created in 1976 as part of the nation’s National Bicentennial Projects. It overlooks the White Plains.

The Battle of White Plains Park features interpretive signage and some amenities such as a plaza-type seating space with several game tables, a trellised seating zone with an overlook, and children’s playground.

Battle of White Plains Park, a 1.31-acre park with a playground and seating areas, is a great place to relax and watch your children play. The park is situated on a hill overlooking the city, offering a spectacular view. The park does not have a packing area or a restroom, but it’s still a great place for family fun.

Miller House #4

The Miller House, a Rhode Island-style farmhouse built in White Plains during the eighteenth Century, is known as the Miller House. General George Washington used the house as a headquarters during the Revolutionary War and as a command point during the Battle of White Plains.

The Elijah Miller House, which was built in 1775, is listed on several historic places lists. These include the Westchester County Inventory of Historic Places and the New York State Register of Historic Places. The Town of North Castle landmark houses a history museum that displays many artifacts for the public.

Grapes The Wine Company #5

Grapes The Wine Company, a White Plains-based retail wine shop, is one of America’s most prominent wine retailers. There are about 3000 wines and spirits in the shop, which is great for unique tastes.

You will find over 1500 wines in the shop, all sourced from different regions of the globe. Enjoy looking for the best wine with your friends as you browse through these wines.

Grapes The Wine Company is proud to have been providing the White Plains community with top-quality wines since 1997. You can visit the wine shop every day.

Percy Grainger Home #6

The Percy Grainger House is a historical site in White Plains. It is the home and studio of George Percy Grainger (1882-1961). This house is his memorial and helps people understand his life better.

It is a three-bay, two-story house with three bays. Visitors can explore the interior of Percy Grainger’s home and see it from a different perspective. Percy Grainger built his home in 1893. It was made a historic site in 1993. Percy Grainger calls the house his home. There is also a studio within the house where he recorded his music. Percy Grainger was also a cloth designer and writer.

Alex’s Bar & Grille White Plains #7

Alex’s Bar & Grille serves amazing Italian food and a great steakhouse in White Plains. Alex, the owner has over thirty years experience in four-star restaurants across Europe and the United States. This sophisticated Italian restaurant and steakhouse offers homestyle meals made from fresh ingredients, many of which are sourced locally.


Alex’s Bar & Grille offers a wide selection of wines and a bar that stocks high-quality spirits and liquors. The restaurant’s Sports Bar & Lounge is open from 4:00pm to 7:00pm Monday through Friday.


Is White Plains a Wealthy Area?

While most people associate affluent communities with big cities, White Plains is a small town that welcomes all. Families, retirees, and professionals alike can all find the lifestyle and employment opportunities they need. The city’s diverse population and access to major corporations help make it an attractive choice for many residents. This article will provide some background information on the wealth of this community. The answer to the question “Is White Plains a wealthy area?” can be derived from the data and statistics presented.

What is White Plains Famous For?

What is White Plains famous for? When you visit this town, you may be wondering, “What is it famous for?” Well, here are some things that make the town unique, as well as a few fun facts. During the Revolutionary War, White Plains was home to the Mohican Native American Nation. In fact, it was originally called “Quarropas” (white plains) because of its lush marshes that glistened in white mist. White balsam, a plant that is also known as Catsfoot and Indian Posey, may be the reason for the name. Dutch settlers noted the beauty of the town in the early 17th century, and the area became the county seat of Westchester County.

Is White Plains a Nice Place to Live?

Living in a desirable city can be expensive, and the cost of living in White Plains is relatively low. While some areas of New York are more expensive than others, the overall cost of living in White Plains is below the state and national average. Prices for utilities, groceries, and other necessities are generally cheaper in White Plains. You’ll be surprised at just how much of a difference it makes!


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