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What Steps You Need To Take Immediately After A DWI Charge

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You are caught under the influence of alcohol, and you are taken under police custody. Now, there will be a DWI case against you.

Okay, now before you start panicking, you should know the rightful steps which you need to take. If you are under a DWI case right now, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about everything which you need to know about a DWI charge and what dwi lawyer in Kansas City have to say about it.


Most importantly!

What to do next?

What Is DWI?

You must be confused with DUI. There is a slight difference between DUI and DWI. A DUI is when you are caught driving under the influence of any psychoactive substance. In contrast, a DWI is when you are caught recklessly driving under the state of intoxication.

It could be with or without someone in the passenger seat of the car. However, when a lethal accident occurs due to someone driving under the influence, then the case would gear to a Manslaughter, which is a criminal case.

Today we will just talk about the serious traffic offense when an individual is caught by police officials drinking and driving. So, what should you do next?

Keep reading to get a deeper idea.

What Should You Do

Here is a step-by-step guide on what you should do immediately after you are under a DWI charge.

1. Hire An Attorney Immediately

Do not analyze whether you need an attorney or not. One dwi lawyer, Kansas City has mentioned in her case studies that whenever you are caught with alcohol in your system, you should call for a DWI attorney.

You, as a person recently convicted, will be the first one to plead guilty. But, did you know that is the biggest mistake which you can make? It is only with the help of a DWI attorney that you will understand the loopholes through which you can plead innocent or even pardon the DWI. 

2. Arrange For Transportation

Until the final judgment day, the cops are going to seize your license and your car. Therefore, try to arrange for an alternate transportation mode early on. This will not only help you to carry on with your daily life, but you will also have a fixed transportation to take you to your court on the day of your hearing.

3. Prioritize The Court Date

The last thing you wish to do is not take your court hearing date seriously. DWI is a big offense in the USA, and if the seriousness is not projected on you, then the criminal attorney might not be able to help you.

4. Know Your Rights

When prioritizing the consequences of the DWI case, you need the right preparation, which means knowing your rights beforehand. It is less about proving yourself innocent and more about knowing your rights.

So, when the prosecutor tries to question you, you are aware of what you are allowed to say and where you can remain quiet. 

5. Prepare For Court Hearing

A court hearing is not an everyday phenomenon for you, especially when you are the guilty party charged with drinking and driving. So, it is easy to feel intimidated by all the interrogation, documentation and presenting yourself in front of the judge.

Talk to an attorney and get all the legal help that you can receive. Understand the court procedure and prepare for all the questions. 

6. Investigate The Area

This is one of the primal mistakes that most make when they are charged with a DWI. If you already have a lawyer by your side, ask them to investigate the area. We are talking about the area of your arrest.

Check the road; was there loose gravel?

Was it filled with craters?

Was it under construction?

Did the car steer recklessly because of the condition of the road?

Yes, you might think it is less likely to happen, but you will not know as long as you do not investigate.

Do Not Delay!

You will be cursing your future with the worst DWI record behind your name if you don’t take immediate action. With immediate action and the help of a good lawyer, you might even be able to get a pardon.


You might come out of it with a squeaky clean record!

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