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What is a Custody and Control Form?

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What is a Custody and Control Form?: When you start a trucking company, you will have to fill out an enormous amount of paperwork. You will have to apply for a Department of Transportation number and register your company as a business entity with the state.

You will have to sign many insurance forms to make sure your trucks are safe.

According to Simplex Group, one of the most important forms you will have to fill out is a Chain of Custody and Control form. This is a form used when drug testing is performed on a truck driver.

A negative drug test can make or break someone’s career.

Hence, it is very important to be able to prove that a trucker’s drug test is handled with the utmost care.

A driver’s privacy must be respected, and the specimen cannot become contaminated. If you mishandle a driver’s drug test, your company may be sued and you may be fined by the FMCSA.

What Kind of Information Is in a Custody and Control Form?

A Chain of Custody and Control form is a document or group of documents that record certain information from a human specimen test.

The information on these documents may include the following:

  • Seizure of the substance
  • Analysis of the specimen
  • Custody
  • Transfer of the specimen 
  • Analysis

The group of documents in this form details every step a urine specimen takes, from the time it is given to the final test results. 

There are five parts to the Custody and Control form, each of which has to be filled out in full by the individual handling that part of the process. Each of these parties will get a copy of the entire form. 

Test Facility

A drug test will be given at a facility that has been approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They will fill in information about the facility and the tests given.

Medical Review Officer

After the driver turns in their test, it will be split into two samples. If they both test positive, the samples will be sent to a Medical Review Officer.

The officer will ensure the paperwork has been completed properly and that there is no legitimate medical reason for the driver failing their test because it could be positive due to a medical condition or prescription.

If there is not a legitimate medical reason, the driver will fail the test. 


When a driver arrives to take their urine test, the technician at the test facility will fill out a form detailing all the steps they took during the test. They must follow a certain protocol when administering the test and verify this in writing. 


Your trucking company will receive a copy of the employee’s drug test. You must keep this record stored electronically. If you are audited, the FMCSA officer will want to see it.


The driver will sign the CCF form, and they will receive a copy for their personal records. 

Drug testing keeps your drivers and the public safe. A Custody and Control form proves you have done the test correctly.

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