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What are the government jobs for an LLB graduate in India

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Every person has a dream. That he wants to be something when he grows up. So most people want to get a good government job in their life, although you get to see many different types of government jobs in the present time. But getting selected for them is very difficult. Whenever you take an exam for any job, it is essential to have detailed information about that job.

In today’s article, we will give you detailed information about LLB. What is LLB, and how to get a government job after LLB? There is an excellent job in LLB, and many students work hard day and night to get this job. In this article of ours today, you will get to see how to do LLB and complete information related to LLB.

What Is LLB?

LLB (Bachelor of Laws) is one type of degree, and there is no time limit to that degree. So after that, he can become a lawyer. Simply put, an LLB degree helps one become a lawyer. Apart from this, the student who earns this degree can get a job in any government’s legal department.

After doing LLB, we are called Lawyers and can fight as lawyers in criminal cases. LLB can be done in two ways, under which if you are going to do LLB after 12th class then this degree will end in 5 years and after graduation if you are entering this course then in just three years, You can complete this course. For more Law details visit www.ili.ac.in

The degree is completed under the semester system in which there are ten semesters in a five5-year degree course and six semesters in a three-year period. Every semester is for six months, and you have to take the exam at the end of the semester. In this course, all the information related to law and order is given, and education is provided to maintain peace and tranquility in the state.

How can I get a Government job after LLB?

After doing the course of Bachelor of Law, you can get employment  in both government and private sectors. After doing the Bachelor of  Law course, most people prefer to become lawyers and practice law as a profession. After doing the Bachelor of  Law course, you can also get  govt  jobs for Law graduates.

They can be designated as judges of different courts, Attorney and Solicitor General, Public prosecutors, and safeguard, assessment, and work divisions. Although you have many options after doing LLB, to do anything, I will tell you about some of the best jobs, and too many are good.

  • Employment area
  • banks
  • business houses
  • Educational Institutes
  • legal constancy
  • news channels
  • navspark
  • Judiciary
  • private practice
  • Sales Tax and Excise
  • Departments
  • job type
  • attorney general
  • District and Sessions Judge
  • law reporters
  • legal advisor
  • magistrate
  • notary
  • commissioner
  • public prosecutor
  • solicitors teachers
  • Trustees

Benefits of LLB –

There are many benefits of doing LLB, but among them, I would like to tell you about some significant advantages, such as

  • After doing LLB, you will not face any shortage of jobs.
  • You can also get a government job after doing an LLB.
  • After doing so, you can get a job in any court.
  • You can also do further studies. After doing LLB,
  • you can make a lot of money. You can bring change to the society by doing LLB
  • You can do hundreds of social work after doing LLB.

How to become a government lawyer?

There are two ways to become a Government Lawyer –

  • by experience
  • passing the exam

When you have worked as a lawyer for seven years, you can be made a government lawyer. But if you want to become a government lawyer, there is no need to wait for seven years, and you can become a government lawyer directly by passing an exam. If you want to become a government lawyer, you can become a government lawyer by bypassing the APO exam. This exam is different in every state, and this exam is conducted almost every year.

What is the salary of a Lawyer?

The salary of a lawyer depends on whether he is a government lawyer or a private lawyer. The salary of a government lawyer can be around Rs 15000 to Rs 40,000, and this salary can be a little work or more in every state.

If you are a private lawyer, your salary depends entirely on how much knowledge you have of advocacy. The more you know about this, the more you can earn your income.


What is LLB, and how to get a government job after LLB? We have given you detailed information about that in this article. Today in this article, which told you complete information related to LLB, we hope that you must have liked today’s material, and from today’s article, You must have got to learn something too. If you need today’s advice on how to get a government job after LLB?

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