Your Guide to Washington Oaks State Park



Explore Now

Go birdwatching 

The spring season brings migrating songbirds and nesting warblers to this exquisite place.  



Hike & Bike 

There’s a Bella Vista Trail system that’ll take you to explore the coastal maritime hammock and the dense canopied coastal scrub.  

Enjoy a picnic

The picnic area is close to the hiking trail & the Matanzas river.  



If your camera accompanies you wherever you go, you’ll love it here. 

Click incredible pictures 


Go fishing


There is a wide variety of fish here including trout, redfish, drum & flounder along the seawall and whiting & blue fish in the surf.  


Plan a spectacular wedding  

A beautiful backdrop of the coquina beach or the brick octagon near 150 rose bushes will elevate the charm of the occasion.