For those who love the outdoors, there are a plethora of places to visit in Lake City, Florida.  

6 Of The Wonderful Places To See In Lake City, Florida 

Lake City, Florida has four lakes within its city limits, including Lake Isabella. The city is also home to a nationally recognized historic district and 30 blocks of historic homes. 

The Olustee Battlefield State Park was Florida’s first state park, and it holds the 46th Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Olustee. The reenactment includes more than two thousand demonstrators .

Visitors to Lake City can see the Olustee Battle Reenactment at the Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park. After the reenactment, attendees can enjoy the Olustee Battle Festival in downtown Lake City.  

The Halpatter Brewing Company is located in the historic downtown area of Lake City, Florida. The brewery features two taprooms and produces its own craft beer. It also offers pastime games .

The brewery features several beer styles and many stories behind its names. The lightest beer, O’Leno Cream Ale, is named after a nearby state park.  

The Old School Session IPA is named after the University of Florida, and the Seymour Finn’s Irish Red is named after Joseph Finnegan and Truman Seymour, two commanding generals in the Civil War. 

Olustee Falls is a beautiful place to see and a popular tourist attraction in Lake City, Florida. It is also home to the Blue-Grey Army, Inc., a group that funds the annual Battle of Olustee reenactment.  

Located in north-central Florida, Lake City is home to over 12,000 people. The city was first settled in the 1820s and was incorporated in the 1930s.