Visit To The UNESCO World Heritage Sites In The Netherland

The Netherlands has numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country is a mix of old and new, rural and urban.  

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Droogmakerij  De Beemster 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Droogmakerij de Beemter is a perfect  example of Dutch land reclamation, dating back to the 17th century. 

The Dutch Water Defence Lines 

The New Dutch Waterline was 85 km long and included 45 fortresses, six fortified cities and two castles.  

The Mill Network at Kinderdijk Elshoek 

The Mill Network at Kinderdijk Elshoek is a collection of 19 monumental  windmills in the Alblasserwaard polder in the Dutch province of South  Holland.  

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Visit the Van Nellefabriek in Rotterdam 

If you’re looking for a unique place to visit in Rotterdam, then you can’t miss the historic Van Nelle Factory.  

Lower German Limes 

These areas have been designated a prospective World Heritage Site by the Netherlands and Germany in 2011. 

Wadden Sea 

The Wadden Sea is a world-class biodiversity site, covering about 4,400 square miles.