Plan Your Next Fun Trip to the "Biggest Little City in the World"

Reno, Nevada

Explore and Experience

Plan your trip around the event of "Cheetah Runs". It is the rarest event where you can see these big cats running fast in the desert.


Animal Ark


Nevada Museum of Art

You must visit Altered Landscape in the Museum. It shows how Human and Nature are interdependent to each other.


STIHL National Championship Air Races & Air Show

Home built Aircrafts, Vintage Militry Aircrafts, Militry flight demostration are the key features of the event.


Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

Events like Concerts in Rock, Ballet Performances and Professional Opera are few entertainment attractions here.


National Automobile Museum

The museum can be categorized in 4 sections: 1890s-1910s, 1910s-1930s, 1930s-1950s and 1950s onwards.


Fleischmann Atmospherium Planetarium

The 360-degree projection technology and its unusual design makes it a worth visiting.


Nevada Historical Society Museum

"Neon Nights", "Riches of the Earth" and "Living on the Land" are the most fascinating parmanent exhibits.


Lake Tahoe

In this 22-mile-long lake you can enjoy many water sports like Sailing, Diving, Swimming, Fishing etc.

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