Visit Chile ‘s Best Treks 

It is also the world’s longest country at 4,329 km from north to south. On average, it measures 177 km in width. 

The W Trek

The five-day, four night W Trek through Torres Del Paine National Park is the most iconic hike in Chile’s stunning backcountry. 

The O Circuit

This trail is amazing because you not only get the best of the W Trek but also have the opportunity to see remote areas of Patagonia that very few people can. 

Cochamo Valley Trek

Cochamo Valley is known for its stunning waterfalls and granite domes. You’ll need to follow a cowboy trail for 10 km to reach it. 

Valle de la Luna Day Hike

The Great Dune is the destination. You will follow a route that crosses the Salt Mountain Range and through many other geologically unusual formations. 

Cerro Castillo Circuit

This long, strenuous journey will reward you with stunning views of turquoise lagoons and endangered huemul deer