Tourist Attractions in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of those rare gems that offers a wide range of travel options for adventurers, culture-seekers, beach lovers, and travelers seeking relaxation.

Mayan Ruins at Tikal

One of Central America’s most important archaeological sites is located in the jungle of northern Guatemala near Belize.

Antigua Guatemala

This is the city for you if you are looking to settle down for a while.  You can easily fill your days with quality hotels at affordable rates,  great food from trendy restaurants, and lots of activities.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan, often called the most beautiful lake on the planet, is  another place where tourists love to stay. You won’t regret making the  trip here.


Monterrico is a small beach village that will appeal to those who want  to spend some time on the oceanfront and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere.

Pacaya Volcano, Antigua

You can witness firsthand volcanic activity at the Pacaya Volcano which rises to over 2,550m.

Semuc Champey

Although it is difficult to reach this spot deep in the jungle, it is  well worth the effort. Natural pools are created by a 300-meter  limestone shelf in the river.