Tourist Attractions in Wichita

Wichita is the largest city of Kansas. It has a unique blend of western culture, history, and nature.

Keeper of the Plain

The Keeper of the Plains is a stunning tourist attraction in Wichita. It  is a steel sculpture measuring 44 feet tall that is especially  impressive at night. It is located on sacred ground, where the Little  Arkansas and Big rivers meet.

Botanica Wichita

Botanica Wichita

Botanica Wichita is a popular place to visit in spring and summer, when  over 150,000 tulips or daffodils are blooming in the gardens. There are  more than 30 sections in this community garden located in Wichita.

Museum of World Treasure

The Museum of World Treasures offers a unique opportunity to go on a  scavenger hunting through history. The Museum of World Treasures houses a  large collection of artifacts from various ancient civilizations, as  well as information about countries all over the globe.

Arkansas River Bike Path

Arkansas River Bike Path

The Arkansas River Bike Path offers a beautiful way to view downtown  Wichita while you bike or walk along the Arkansas River. The 10-mile paved, multi-use, multi-use trail runs alongside the river.

Exploration Place

The Exploration Place allows you to dive into the past of the cowboy and  to see Kansas in miniature. Science and discovery center offers  hands-on exhibits to explore how things work in our bodies and home..........

Kansas Aviation Museum

You will love Wichita if you are an aviation fan. This Art-Deco-inspired  building was once the terminal of Wichita Municipal Airport. It was one  of the busiest US airports during the 1940s.