Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Venezuela

Venezuela has stunning landscapes and amazing sights from the coast to  its mountain tops. Beautiful waterfalls cascade from the tops of  mountain peaks, while coastal towns and islands offer tranquil escapes  and soft-sand beach options.

Angel Fall

Angel Falls is  located in the middle of the country where the table top mountains rise  like monolithic giants from the landscape. It drops 979m and is one of  the most spectacular sights in South America.

Los Roques Archipelago

These beautiful islands are 160 km north of Venezuela’s central coast. They offer sun-drenched beaches and turquoise waters.

Isla de Margarita

Isla de Margarita, one of the most popular beach destinations in  Venezuela, is also known as “Isla de Margarita”. This is a popular  tourist destination for sun-seekers in Venezuela, located approximately  40 km north of the main island.

Parque Nacional Morrocoy

Morrocoy National Park is located on the coast, about two hours west of  Caracas. It is well-known for its coral reefs and white-sand beaches.

Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park is three million hectares in size and is listed on  the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. Although it is often associated  with Angel Falls, and the surrounding area of Canaima town, this is only  a small part of the vastly varied park.