Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Macon, Georgia

#1  Ocmulgee national monument

Ocmulgee national monument is a prehistoric Native American site which preserves more that 10,000 years of Native American cultural heritage. The site has several major earthworks built before 1000 CE by South Appalachian tribes.

#3  Hay House

Johnston Felton-Hay House (or simply Hay House) is a historic Macon property located on Georgia Avenue. It was built in late 1850s Italian Renaissance Revival fashion. The house measures 18,000 sq. ft. and features beautiful artwork and items from the period.

#4  Downtown Macon on foot

Macon is very walkable. The Downtown Macon neighborhood is the best example. This area is large and encompasses many tourist attractions as well as the city’s older financial district.

#5  Museum of Arts and Science

The Discovery House is a must for young visitors. This museum is jam-packed with interactive displays and exhibits. The museum also includes a miniature zoo featuring live animals, a nature trail and a planetarium

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