Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Brunswick , Georgia

#1  Brunswick Adventure in Historic Burgplatz

Burgplatz is a great place to start your visit to Brunswick. This is where you will find the Brunswick Cathedral, also known by the Dom St. Blasius (Dom St. Blasii), and the charming Dankwarderode Castle.

#2  Dankwarderode Castle, Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum

Dankwarderode Castle (Burg Dankwarderode), is a small castle situated in Burgplatz. It was completed in 1175. It is a lovely building. However, it is also void of any defensive structures. Not long after its completion, the cathedral was added to its perimeter.

#3  Old Town Market & Town Hall

Altstadtmarkt, or the Old Town Market is another place worth exploring in Brunswick. Just a few minutes walk from the Burgplatz is this market, which forms the heart and soul of the town’s former Hanseatic town.

#4  The Medieval Magniviertel Church

The Magniviertel’s cobblestoned Magniviertel neighborhood is home to the St. Magnus’ Church (Magni-Kirche), an old, restored Protestant church which was dedicated in 1031. Check out the old graveyard as well as its beautiful interior.

#5  The “New” Town Hall

After visiting the Old Town Hall in the city, make your way to the Rathaus. It is located directly across the street from cathedral. This attractive neoGothic-style building opened in 1900. Its elegant, 61-meter tall tower is perhaps the best feature of this three-story structure.

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