Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Kansas

#1 Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

Did you know Kansas played an important role in space exploration? The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center has more information. It’s located in Hutchinson and is a must-see for everyone.

#2 Kansas State Capitol, Topeka

Take a tour of the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka to brush up your Kansas knowledge. It is located in downtown on approximately 20 acres and is a true treasure for architectural lovers.

#3 Dodge City

Dodge City is a great place to experience the Wild West. You can see the Dodge City Rodeo, or go back in time to Main Street at the Boot Hill Museum.

#4 Sedgwick Zoo

Sedgwick county Zoo is a popular attraction in Wichita. This zoo has been awarded numerous times and is ranked as one of America’s best. It’s not surprising that over 500,000 people visit the animals each year.

#5 Boot Hill Museum

Boot Hill Museum is a great place to go in Kansas and relive the Old West of Dodge City in the 19th century. Dodge City was home to many famous Western figures. The Boot Hill Museum celebrates the best of the Old West.

#6 Fort Larned National Historic Site

Fort Larned was an important site for pioneers who ventured into the frontier in the 1800s. This historical fort is one the most well-preserved.

#7 Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Preserve aims to preserve what is left. This preserve is located outside of Strong City and offers many miles of hiking trails.