Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Athen

Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Athen

Georgia Museum of Art

Its collection includes works by American painters, Southern decorative arts, and contributions from African American artists.

Sanford Stadium

Although the stadium is now much larger and can hold crowds of around 100,000, it still retains its college-town feel, particularly on game days.

State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Highlights include the annual/perennial dahlia and heritage gardens, which are adapted to Georgia’s subtropical climate.

Georgia Theatre

It’s included in a self-guided walking tour called the Athens Music History Walking Tour.

University of Georgia

You can take self-guided walking tours that will take you past many campus landmarks like Sanford Stadium, Trial Gardens and the Georgia Museum of Natural History.

Tree That Owns Itself

The plaques at the base of the tree make it clear that this is not the “son” or original tree.

TRR Cobb House

The home is beautifully preserved and offers fascinating insight into the past of America through authentic period furniture, decor, displays, and displays.