Things to Do In Sarasota

Sarasota on Florida’s Gulf Coast has many attractions: stunning beaches,  world-class cultural amenities and white buildings surrounded by azure  waters full of sailboats.

The Ringling Museum

The Ringling Museum

You will see the world’s greatest circus museum, as well as a great Asian art museum and art museum.

Beaches of Siesta Key

Siesta Key Public Beach is the largest and most accessible. This beach is the best because it has the most soft sand you will ever see.

Marie Selby Botanical Garden

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, which overlook Sarasota Bay is a  lovely spot for a peaceful stroll, even if your not a keen gardener, is a  great place to relax.

Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

The Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium’s primary focus is not on  caring for injured marine life or nursing them back to health, but on  applying what scientists have learned to human needs.

Kayak through Mangrove Tunnel

Mangroves are small, subtropical trees that only grow in marshy,  subtropical areas. This is a spot in Sarasota that these tiny islands  form green tunnels. Kayaking tours are a great way to explore this area.



Pinecraft is an Amish community. It is what it is. Some 3,000 Mennonite  and Amish residents of Pinecraft live in the same way as their  ancestors, making or baking whatever they need.