Portugal Visas

The Stuff to Get Ready Before Applying for Portugal Visas



A NIF Number 

A tax ID for those who plan to get to Portugal is probably one of the most essential documents to have 

Opening a Bank Account  

This is what turns out to be necessary for those planning to apply for one of the Portuguese visas too.  

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Full Health Coverage 

As for health coverage, it has to be sufficient for the period of your stay in Portugal in most cases.  

Cover Letter 

This is a part that confuses the applicants rather frequently. Actually, it is not too hard.  

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Make sure that these copies are of good quality. Crucial data has to be well visible. 

Scans of the Basic Docs 


Hope that you will be able to receive the visa you are dreaming of and it will be easy!                           

Want to receive one of the available visas in order to be able to stay in Portugal? In this case, it is sensible to explore some info about the preparatory step.  

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