There are many things to do in Syracuse, including shopping, eating, visiting museums, sightseeing, enjoying nature in parks and seeing a game.

Top 10 Beautiful Places  in Syracuse, New York

The Erie Canal Museum is a free museum that teaches you more about the history of the city.

Explore Downtown Syracuse


Engaging exhibits explain how the canal was constructed over eight years. Historical photos show Syracuse with canals.

The Erie Canal Museum is open to the public


Toothpick World is located on the second floor. It has two Guinness World Records including the largest and tallest toothpick structures.

Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)


Modern Malt is a fun option for lunch with a mid-century modern flair. It offers a variety of delicious meals and milkshakes, all served with the traditional metal cup.

Syracuse is a great place to eat


A trail runs outside, past outdoor enclosures. You’ll find penguins splashing in large, above-water pools if you follow the trail past Primate Park.

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo has animal


Green Lake and Round Lake are surrounded by rolling hills that have old growth forests. A 10-mile trail runs along the shores and through forest.

Green Lakes State Park


Clinton Square is backed up by several impressive 19th-century structures, including the Gridley Building, the Clinton Exchange and the Syracuse Savings Bank.

Stroll around Clinton Square

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