Huntington Park

Huntington Park, a Los Angeles County city with around 60,000 residents, is located in Los Angeles County. It is located six miles from Los Angeles.

Salt Lake Park

There are two playgrounds, batting boxes, a field for soccer, a field for baseball, and tennis and basketball courts. There are also picnic areas and a concession stand.

Yum Yum Bionicos Dessert shop

Yum Yum Bionicos is best known for its desserts, but they also offer a wide range of lunch options like ceviche, tostadas, and tortas.

Huntington Park Parks & Rec

Welcome to the Department of Parks & Recreation. Our Parks offer a wide variety of recreational classes and sports, as well facilities and open space.

Pacific Boulevard

. It runs between Vernon and Santa Fe Avenues, Vernon, to Cudahy Street at Walnut Park. After that it becomes Long Beach Boulevard.


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