Sitka : Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Sitka , Alaska

Alaska Raptor Center

The Center is located on 17 acres of forest adjacent to the Tongass National Forest. For more information about the Center and its 24 Raptors-in-Residence, visit their website.

Sitka National Historic Park/Totem Park

The Sitka National Historical Park is just a short walk from the harbor. It features walking trails and a museum. The trails meander along the seashore and lead to many interesting totems. There is also a museum building with exhibits, and clean restrooms. 

Fortress of the Bear

The experience of living in a cage that was once a sewage treatment facility was heartbreaking, but Kinnear understands why some may oppose the idea of brown bears in a reformed clarified tank. 

Sheldon Jackson Museum

The museum was established in 1888 to house an exceptional collection of ethnographic artifacts from the natives of Alaska. The artifacts were collected by the Presbyterian missionary Sheldon Jackson, who was General Agent of Education in Alaska. Besides its diverse collection, the building has an interesting history. 

St. Michael’s Orthodox Cathedral

The original cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1966, but the rebuilt church has many priceless treasures. The cathedral also houses two icons by Vladimir Borovikovsky. This Cathedral is a great place to witness the piety of Russian Christians and to learn about their history. 

Island Artists Gallery

You can also enjoy a bite to eat at the Island Artists Gallery. A nearby coffee shop, Grandma Tillie’s Bakery, and the Old Harbor Bookstore all contribute to the small town’s charm. 

Sitka Historical Museum

Visitors can also visit the museum’s Photo Shop Studio exhibit, which includes contributions from Luella Smith and her family. The exhibit also includes themed galleries sponsored by the House of Liquor, the Holland America Line, and the Fishermen’s Eye Gallery.