Shiprock : Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Shiprock , New Jersey

Shiprock Peak 

It rises to 7,178 feet above sea level. It is the center of three volcanic pressure zones that sent rocks higher into the sky thousands of year ago. 

Royal Arch and ship rock

Royal Arch is rarely seen, although Shiprock is frequently photographed. The Royal Arc is a must-see if you’re traveling between Lake Forest Farmington/Twin Trees Badlands/Sweet Mountains and Canyon de Chelly. 

Trip to Four Corners Monument

These peaks were once part of the magma depths from prehistoric volcanoes and have since been abandoned long before the smoother rock around them has fallen off. 

Morgan Lake

Here are fishes such as Spotted Bass, Channel Catfish and Largemouth Bass. You can also visit Four Corners Monument from here, as they are both close together. 

Chaco Canyon National Historical Park

Chaco Culture National Historical Park preserves a premier center for inherited Puebloan culture that dates back to between 850 and 1250 CE. Chaco is a remarkable place.