Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Race Course

Saratoga Race Course is the symbol of New York Thoroughbred Racing and is a top attraction in Saratoga Springs. Each racing season, more than a million people attend the race meets. Many others visit the grounds 

Saratoga Automobile Museum 

Detroit has the reputation of being the American automotive capital, but upstate New York was once a major player. New York State once housed more than 100 automobile manufacturers like Pierce-Arrow in Buffalo or Franklin in Syracuse. 

Saratoga Spa State Park 

Saratoga Spa State Park has been designated a National Historic Landmark. It offers many recreational opportunities to its visitors. Enjoy a stroll through the romantic gardens and take in the beautiful classical architecture.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center 

We loved every minute of the four shows at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). It is difficult to put into words the magic of Saratoga Performing Arts Center . 

The Saratoga Springs History Museum 

The Saratoga Springs History Museum celebrates the history and lives in Saratoga Springs. You will find over 15,000 artifacts, as well as a photographic archive with over 325,000 photos of Saratoga from 1855 to 1980. Visit Vice: The Darker Side Saratoga Springs. 

National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame 

The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame celebrates all types of dance through the centuries. The museum houses a growing collection that includes photographs, videos, costumes and documents as well as biographies. 

Saratoga Farmers’ Market #7

Every Upstate New York city worth its salt has a farmers market. Saratoga Springs is no exception. The Saratoga Farmers’ Market attracts shoppers from all walks of the region to view the many stalls that sell bright, colorful, local products and crafts.