Places  to Visit in Honolulu for Great Fun

#1 Manoa Fall

Manoa Falls is a 150-foot waterfall that empties into a mirror-like rock pool nestled in the centre of a tropical rainforest. It’s the Manoa Falls Trail’s crown jewel, a two-mile stroll that will take you so deep into the jungle 

#2 Iolani Palace

According to some lesser-known facts about the state, Hawaii used to be a monarchy. Kings and queens governed the Kingdom of Hawaii until it was overthrown in a coup d’etat in the late 1800s, known as “The Kingdom of Hawaii.”  

#3 Dolphin Quest Oahu

“Swimming with Dolphin” is on a thousand people’s bucket lists. Still, Dolphin Quest Oahu allows you to make your fantasies into real life. Dolphin Quest Oahu is available at The Kahala Hotel and Resort in several different varieties of packages.

Diamond Head is a famous volcanic formation on the island of Hawaii, located in Honolulu. You may recognize it by a variety of names. Because its form looked like a fin, locals referred to it as Le’ahi (“Tuna Brow”).  

#4 Diamond Head

#5 Leonard’s Bakery

1:45 PM

When you first walk into Leonard’s Bakery, you may not consider it to be anything special. It’s a tiny bakery with a candy-striped awning that gives it an antique appearance.

Image & Audio Credit: Pixabay