Places to visit in Cape May

Places to visit in Cape May

Sandy Beaches

Cape May lies between the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay and the southern  tip of New Jersey. The coastline includes 2.5 miles of sandy beaches,  which run along Beach Avenue. These beaches are among the most beautiful  along the Eastern coast.



Cape May is North America’s most popular birding destination. This is  due to its position on migratory routes and diversity habitat, including  marshes and swamps, grasslands and forests.

Cape May Point State Park

Cape May Point State Park protects sand dunes and coastal marshland. It  also includes ponds and forest habitat. There is an environmental center  and museum. The Cape May Lighthouse is the park’s most popular attraction.

Schellenger’s Landing

The Fisherman’s Wharf at Cape May, Schellenger’s Landing offers a  glimpse into the town’s maritime past. There are three marinas in  Schellenger’s Landing: Utsch’s Marina, South Jersey Marina and Miss  Chris Marina.

Cape May Harbor

The sheltered harbor is a picturesque spot for yachts and sailboats,  gliding in the gentle, turquoise waters. A small beach is located in  quiet cove and has a few picnic tables.

Cape May Historic District

Cape May, the country’s most well-preserved 19th century seashore resort is a registered National Historic Landmark with over 600 Victorian-era homes in its 30-block downtown.