Places to Visit in Amarillo

The High Plains of West Texas offers many surprises for visitors. Many of the most popular tourist attractions and things you can do are free. Amarillo is located at the halfway point of historic US Route 66.

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

This attraction is located at the western edge Amarillo’s, near  Interstate 40. It’s surprisingly free and fun. The Cadillacs are  artistically arranged in a row, sunk nose-first in the soil of a  farmer’s field.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro State Park offers a variety of activities including hiking, camping and mountain biking. The 16-mile round trip takes from the canyon rim to the canyon floor.

Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

The Panhandle Plains Historical Museum is the largest Texas history  museum. It offers an insight into Texas’ history from the time of the  dinosaurs through modern times.

American Quarter Horse Hall

The museum pays tribute to the horse who shaped America’s West, and is  one of the most beloved horses by Southwest cowboys. The center tells  the story of the Quarter Horse, and the people who made it possible.

Amarillo Museum of Art

The Amarillo Museum of Art, located on Amarillo College’s campus, is  free to the public. The museum houses an impressive collection, but the  majority of the artwork is from Far East.

Amarillo Zoo

Amarillo Zoo

The Amarillo Zoo is the ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon with a view of exotic wildlife. The most popular animals are lions and tigers, bears, monkeys,  kangaroos and ring-tailed Lemurs, bobcats, rings-tailed lemurs  (ring-tailed lemurs), foxes,