Places to See in The United State

#1 New York City

New York City, America’s most populous and popular city, is packed with famous icons such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square. There are many more attractions to discover in New York City, and it is a popular tourist destination for domestic and international travellers.

#2 Los Angele

The glamour of Hollywood and its celebrities, as well as the gentle winds from the Pacific Ocean, keep Los Angeles at the top of US visitor destinations. For luxury accommodation near LA’s famous beaches like Malibu or Santa Monica, look for top-rated hotels at this location.

#3 Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, has long been known as the “Second City,” coming in second to New York City in both size and population. Chicago is the third-largest in population these days, but it boasts a skyline, restaurants, shopping, museums, and activities that easily compete with New York City and Los Angeles.

#4 Washington

The city of Washington, the United States capital, has miles of museums and monuments nearly all free. It is one of the country’s most famous tourist destinations, especially for families and school groups.

#5  Las Vega

Many individuals visit Las Vegas to gamble at its world-renowned casinos. However, this metropolis, a top travel destination because of its famous attractions, nightclubs, and shopping centres, is a genuine desert oasis and a great holiday destination.

Image & Audio Credit: Pixabay